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The Randall Museum is near Twin Peaks and is owned and run by the City of San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department. It has free admission and is an advisable pit-stop before venturing to Twin Peaks to hike, as that area has no bathroom facilities.

The museum is interesting in its own right, is oriented towards young people (and those young-at-heart) and like Twin Peaks is at the geographical center of the City. If you want directions, please visit Randall Museum

The facility is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10-5. Check for holiday closings. The museum has the railroad layouts for the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club, but that display is only open Saturday from 10-4.

There’s also a scale model of a caboose and an earthquake survival structure. You can visit native Californian wild animals and other exhibits.

The natural studies are essential for over one hundred and fifty years ago, much of the Bay Area was wild, providing lots of habitat, or homes for wild animals, but today, there are more people, less open space, and fewer plants and animals. All over the globe, humankind can help animals in the wild by preserving their remaining habitats. Twin Peaks is one of those areas of intense concern in San Francisco, as it is the home of the Mission Blue butterfly, which is on America’s endangered species list.

Learn more: Wild In the City Exhibit, Randall Museum.

The Randall Museum, as a children’s museum, was the inspiration of a remarkable woman, Josephine D. Randall. Ms. Randall received her Masters degree in zoology from Stanford University in 1910 and by 1915, she had organized one of the first Girl Scout troops in the United States as well as one of the first Camp Fire Girl troops.

She went on to become San Francisco’s first Superintendent of Recreation, a position she held for a quarter of a century, and in 1937 she established the first children’s museum in the city. The museum has been in its current location since 1951 and is in 16-acre park over looking San Francisco Bay.

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