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Today I’m sharing more of San Francisco’s Lincoln Park and some of the sites and history of the environs of the Palace of the Legion of Honor art museum.

It’s fitting for this area to be on San Francisco’s famed 49 Mile Scenic Drive as this part of the City, in front of the museum, is actually the terminus for the first trans-continental highway across the United States. The road was called the Lincoln Highway, and that’s probably why the park bears this name, too.

The plaza and fountain in front of the Palace of the Legion of Honor is the western terminus and the terminus marker and an interpretive plaque are located in the southwest corner of the plaza and fountain, just to the left of the Palace, facing west.

Just like the famous “Golden Spike” joined the portions of the trans-continental railroad, built from each coast, and uniting in Nevada, there must have been a tremendous sense of satisfaction in the progress and technology which allowed for these accomplishments.

Nearby, there’s a memorial to less than stellar behavior, and I hope that you will visit the Memorial to the Holocaust. It is one of the most provocative that I have seen in America. I compare it to the newly constructed one on the Isle de la Cite, in the heart of Paris.

Many Americans died in World War 2 trying to eliminate the Nazi scourge of hate and there are few places, in America, which actually help us to remember why their sacrifice was necessary.

In this park, with its great natural beauty, somehow it is a place where we might be able to tackle the monumental question of “why is there evil?’. And, it is also fitting, as the Richmond District, where the park is located, historically was a Jewish part of the City. There are still major synagogues located here.

More on the park and the museum next time.

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