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Today I am still guiding you on San Francisco’s famous 49 Mile Drive. This time, you will travel to the Richmond District, in the NW far-reaches of San Francisco, to some of its most beautiful views and coastline.

Mostly this post will be about the art museum called the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, or as locals say “the Legion of Honor”. It is in Lincoln Park, on the bluffs which give grand ocean vistas, fabulous views of the Golden Gate and its famous bridge and is a beautiful building itself.

The Legion of Honor is a sister museum to the famous deYoung Museum of Art, nearby in Golden Gate Park. The admission you pay is good for both museums, but only when you go the same day to both.

That’s a lot of art to see!

The Legion is SF’s most beautiful, classic building, I think and its location just makes it a perfect place to come. The art collection was started by famous philanthropist Alma de Bretteville Spreckles, whose husband made a fortune in sugar. She had a fine eye, and her collection ranges over 6,000 years of human creativity. It’s a special place.

The building was designed as a mini version of the famous Palais de la Legion d’ Honneur in Paris, and it is a tribute to the California soldiers who died in France during WW1.

Probably, it is the most European-feeling place in America and appears as a mini Palace in a huge garden. The building is Beaux-Arts style and by, size, is very easy to navigate and walk through in reasonable time.

It recently went through major renovations and has emerged even more beautiful than before. The first art you will see is a bronze by Rodin — it is an authentic copy of “The Thinker”, made fro the original molds. The statue is spectacular in the courtyard and it sets the tone.

More next time.

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