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There are some truly beautiful venues inside San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, and of the natural scene, one of the best is the Japanese Garden.

It was meant to be a quiet place of respite, but as the decades have worn on, that’s hard to come by in this busy part of the Park. However, don’t let that deter you, as the Garden is very beautiful, and its longevity gives you a chance to see mature plants in a plan that inspires for any season.

Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Garden is an authentic Japanese garden dating back to 1894. It has a classic tea house, pagoda ponds, a variety of bridge types and many bonsai trees.

In the springtime, the cherry blossoms and flowering shrubs create a rare floral spectacle. For this section of San Francisco’s Botanical Garden, you’ll find a “living library” which nurtures over 7,000 species of plants!

If you are coming with young children, it is best if you have them in a back-pack rather than a stroller. Even then, the steep arched bridges would not be smart for you to use, but you can certainly photograph them. The stepping-stone bridges are another place to watch all of your children carefully.

The Garden is a beautiful haven if you just pay attention to your children’s needs, if you are traveling with them.

At the end of the walk through the Japanese Tea Garden, do stop for tea. Even though the large public tea-room is often packed, the fare is surprisingly good.

If you are heading back towards downtown, then consider going along Geary Boulevard, and seeing where JapanTown is on the map. There you will find the Japanese community’s center in San Francisco, and they will be most welcoming.

When you travel up the West Coast, be aware that Portland, Oregon has a magnificent, more wild-natural Japanese Garden and also this City has the first Classic Chinese Garden in the United States!

And, if you are traveling to Vancouver, BC that is another chance for you to see a Classic Chinese walled garden.

All of these are exquisite gardens and well worth visiting. They will delight your eyes and nurture your spirit and inspire you to look at the natural beauty which we can enjoy everyday.

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