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On our 49 Mile Drive of San Francisco’s best sights, Golden Gate Park takes up a huge area of this 7-hills city. It is a fabulous natural resource for regeneration of the flora and fauna and of human spirit.

Whether you want to wander the Park’s natural spaces or enter the world-class museums or attend free concerts, the Park gets even more busy on week-ends and holidays.

Even then, you may easily find parking on the westernmost section near the ocean, but that necessitates another form of transportation to use within the Park!

Only on the week-end, there is a 24 seat Park Shuttle. I think it would be helpful everyday, but I suppose it’s a financial choice. Anyway, the parking is mad on the weekends, so the Shuttle is much appreciated.

Some regions of the Park are so remote that even on week-ends, you will find parking and not need the shuttle — if your purpose is just to stay nearby. Other roads are not available for parking, anytime. Some roads are even cordoned-off on week-ends for walkers, bikers, roller-bladers, dancers etc., If you can use public transportation, that will also be a plus.

The Park is just west of the University of San Francisco, so you might look at their parking opportunities and then walk into the Park. Also check at UCSF Medical Center – at Irving Street near 3rd Avenue — which is also on the Shuttle route.

The Park is also directly west of Haight-Ashbury (“Hashbury”) neighborhood, which is a “mixed bag”, but not quite the way it was in the heyday druggie times of the 1960 flower-children. You still need to be aware of what’s going on around you, there.

Golden Gate Park Shuttle

The Park’s Shuttle Service is now available on Saturdays, Sundays and major holidays to several locations throughout Golden Gate Park. The Shuttle costs $2.00 for an all-day, round-trip pass. Please note: exact change is required! Children under 3 and the disabled ride for free.

The shuttle runs between 9 am and 6 pm every 15 – 20 minutes, on its circuit. A few of the Shuttle stops are:

___ Parking garage UCSF – near Kezar Stadium
___ Mc Laren Lodge
___ AIDS Memorial Grove and Koret Playground
___ Conservatory of Flowers
___ De Young Museum
___ California Academy of Sciences
___ Rose Garden
___ JFK Drive and Stowe Lake Dr.
___ JFK Drive and Transverse Dr.
___ Marx Meadow
___ Spreckles Lake
___ Bison Paddock
___ Dutch Windmill
___ Ocean Beach Parking Lot – free parking
___ Murphy Windmill – MLK Drive

Directions to Additional Parking at Ocean Beach, for the Shuttle

From Westbound on Lincoln Way OR Westbound on Fulton Street:
Follow Lincoln Way or Fulton Street, west, all the way across the Park to its westernmost boundary on the Great Highway (approximately 1.5 miles). Turn right (from Lincoln Way) and park in the lot along the beach OR turn left (from Fulton). At the Ocean Beach parking lot, look for the shuttle stop. It has a large, green shuttle sign.

The shuttle is ADA handicapped-accessible and it runs on alternative energy (CNG). Please note that the $2.00 fare cannot be applied to a transportation rebate at the California Academy of Sciences or at the de Young Museum.

The way to get the rebate is to come on public transportation. I’ll share ways to do that with you next time.

Golden Gate Park Shuttle Map

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