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This is preparation for a post to be written about El Presidio Real de San Francisco or the Royal Presidio of San Francisco which was an army base for 3 nations, over 218 years!

First, it was Spanish, then Mexican and finally, American. The Presidio defended the entrance to San Francisco Bay.

Now, as the largest piece of open land left within the City of San Francisco, as the Army left and turned the area over to the National Parks Service, there is much to be done there!

The first was accomplishing preventing developers getting their hands on it! Now, the long-term hard work remains: the commercial entities allowed to have businesses in some of the 182 historic buildings need constant scrutiny; they need to help fund the Presidio to become self-sustaining and to provide funds for the support and reclamation of the natural areas of this 1,500 acre reserve.

More about all of that tomorrow.

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