San Francisco – Everyday Insider! (TM) Trip 14

Continuing with a list of Everyday Insider! (TM) events or venues which tourists to San Francisco can use to enjoy California life with the locals.

24. El Presidio Real de San Francisco or Royal Presidio of San Francisco was an army base for 3 nations, over 218 years! Now it is a unit of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, under the auspices of the National Park Service. It offers 1,500-acres (16 sq. km) of park-like hills, forest, meadows and ocean vistas and views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the less-familiar “ocean side”!

The Presidio has so many aspects of it to be discussed and enjoyed. There’s the 1) historical perspective and 2) the commercial collaboration to help this large area have a firm financial footing to preserve the historic buildings and help pay for habitat restitution and 3) the beauty and rarity and preservation of the wild-places.

You pretty much have to choose which you will concentrate on, and tomorrow I will write an article highlighting a little of each aspect.

25. Fort Point National Historic Site lies beneath the structure of the Golden Gate Bridge and it offers an unique view of the bridge and the bay’s shifting tides. There’s just no other place in the City like it.

26. Golden Gate Bridge, is, one of the man-made world’s icons. I believe it is the world’s most beautiful suspension bridge. The Golden Gate links The City of San Francisco with the land in Marin County to the north. Auto toll is collected southbound, in this case (always the direction which brings you “into” San Francisco); pedestrians are free.

Apart from the beauty of the space it transverses, the bridge itself is a very graceful and pleasingly proportional span, which allows for passengers to view the water easily when they are being driven across it.

Immediately on exit going north, watch out for the vista viewing point, on the right. Get off there and just enjoy one of the best views in the world! The whole San Francisco skyline and the whole north Bay lie before and around you!

More on the 49 Mile Drive tomorrow.

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