Father’s Day – Inspirations

Native Americans and other indigenous peoples have always found inspiration in Nature and brought her example as a way to live a worthy, human life.

As a gift to all the Dads, here’s a slide show of the oldest parents in the world and they teach us: endurance, forbearance, greatness, beauty and courage — all qualities we admire.

This is a global example, from a most unusual group of living beings.

On your travels, try to include a visit to these marvelous natural wonders!

Several of these can be experienced in side-trips from San Francisco. The bristlecone and redwood groves can be, for sure, and I think the Monterrey Cypress trees, though not as old, are definitely worth seeing, too.

___ The bristlecone pine groves are in the High Sierra on the far side of Yosemite National Park. You will need to be in great shape to hike there! Ask about this more from the Park Rangers. You may need permits.

___ However, the largest and oldest sequoia trees – usually known as “redwoods” – are very accessible to people of all ages at Kings Canyon – Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains south of San Francisco – roughly east of Merced in the Sacramento Valley. Plan to stay or camp nearby.

Be aware that the altitude is high here, at Kings Canyon and at Yosemite, so if you have health problems, ask your physician. My mother-in-law had to be airlifted from Merced to Sacramento after having an episode at Yosemite. This is amazingly beautiful country, and if you can plan it into your visit, you will never forget coming.

___ You’ll find the cypresses on the Monterrey Peninsula, near California’s first capital and Carmel. Take the famous 17 Mile Drive and head for the golf course at Pebble Beach. The weathered cypresses are along the coastal bluffs.

And, be sure to check nearby in Oregon for other special tree species.

Here’s my gift to all Dads to share with their families. Enjoy the beautiful, inspiring slideshow at: The world’s oldest parents

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