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Some people would include the whole City in this idea, but I will limit myself to just informing you about the animals at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoo.

Although animals from all over the world find sanctuary in this conservation ark, the most famous pair which draws visitors from all over the world are Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, a female and male panda, each on loan for 10 years from China.

Pandas are extremely endangered and about 160 live in carefully chosen research zoos which have been given the chance to help save the species. Only about 1,600 are alive in the wild and about 300 have been bred in this program from China Wildlife Conservation Association.

The pandas at the National Zoo are so popular that their website includes 2 separate PandaCams to handle the internet traffic, but it’s better to see them in person!

For most Americans, this is the only place to have the best chance of seeing a live panda. And, for many, it was difficult to say goodbye to the baby panda born 4 years ago, at the National Zoo. In February 2010, Tai Shan was repatriated to China, per agreement.

The National Zoo is renegotiating the Panda Contract this year, so hopefully the pandas will continue to stay for another decade.

No panda baby was born this year. This is part of the big problem to help them save the panda, as a species. You can learn more on the National Zoo’s website and when you go in person.

There is also a Virtual Tour of the Zoo to help you learn and make decisions about which animals you want to visit with. Washington DC – National Zoo Tour.

Using the Zoo’s website is an opportunity to get your children and yourself into the active mode of planning your trip and being able to build basic knowledge to appreciate a real-life visit even more.

Summer’s almost here, and even the youngest children are starting summer vacation, so head for the National Zoo and please support their animal conservation efforts any way you can.

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