Paris – Foire Saint-Germain

Considered one of the oldest summer fairs in Paris, although it has been a Faire since at least Medieval Times, the Foire Saint-Germain in Paris is holding its 33 rd modern one right now, until July 4.

It is a multidimensional art and performance fair with many artistic disciplines represented. This year, June 22 will be a Night of Contemporary Photography, which will be particularly enjoyable. In the past, other evenings have been designated as time to enjoy the ceramic arts, time for children, poetry and theater or cultural events.

The festival hit hard times over the centuries, but it is invigorated now and the Districts of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Musée d’Orsay and Montparnasse will enjoy your presence.

It is mostly being held near St. Sulpice.

Métro 10 Mabillon, Métro 4 Saint-Sulpice, Bus 39 , Bus 63 , Bus 70 , Bus 84 , Bus 86 , Bus 87 , Bus 95 , Bus 96

Just about all the information on the internet about this event is in French, only. So, check with your concierge at the hotel or the official visitor’s bureau to see if they have brochures in your language.

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