Paris – Basic Guide 4: Buses, Metro and RER

Paris is a large metropolitan area which is served by a wide variety of transportation modes — some of which are united into an integrated, multiple-option system.

The buses, Metro and RER local rail is such a system, and if you can learn its rules and nuances, this will be the best choice for you to navigate Paris.

There are also some discount passes for you to learn about at the Tourist Office, 127, Avenue des Champs Elysées,8th. Arrondissment.

Using at least one of these modes, you will be able to see pretty much anything you want, within a short walk from the system. All the famous tourist spots: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris Museums, Champs Elysées shops and much more are accessed this way.

In the accompanying, fuller archived article, you’ll learn much more and in detail, even about the late-night options and traveling the Seine by Batobus. So use the link below, now.

Paris Transportation – Metro, Bus and RER

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