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We expect the innovative and best to arrive first in a thriving, on the cutting-edge metropolis, like New York City. And this city does not disappoint on that score. New York provides amazing places to visit and things to see and learn. Sony Wonder Technology Lab deserves another article, so here’s Part 2!

Be sure to arrive early; last entrance is 30 minutes before closing. In this innovative museum which showcases our present and future world, one of the next hands-on areas is GameBuilder allowing visitors to create their own computer racing game by selecting and altering different components. This helps learn about computerized game design, spatial relationships, audio and video. Select track shape and manipulate the terrain to create mountains and valleys. After making these selections, choose the style and color of your vehicle and play the game you’ve just created!

Visitors can also explore the process of making music in Wonder Of Music. Choose from four different musical instruments representing keyboard, string, woodwind-brass and percussion. After choosing an instrument, visitors are welcomed by a Sony BMG Music artist on video. The artist explains the different instruments and the function each has in creating music. The visitor is to join his band and perform with him in front of a ‘virtual’ audience. This experience includes a variety of musical styles and enables visitors to discover how many instruments, playing in unison, can create a musical composition.

Moviemaker teaches visitors about a few key concepts of motion picture production and digital editing. This helps visitors understand the interpretive and emotional impact of sound and music in a movie. Through experimenting with sounds and images, you will create a movie trailer — by choosing from a series of short video clips and putting them into a sequence and by adding background sounds and sound effects. You judge how each sound selection changes the tone and feeling of the scene. Finally, you will add musical score and title the piece, and then watch your completed trailer “premiere” on screen.

Shadow Garden and Sand Interactive is a multi-sensory interactive experience, created by artists Zachary Booth Simpson and Ken Demarest. It showcases how art and technology come together in a digital world. Projected onto the translucent wall opposite the Wonder of Imagination plasmas, this interactive video installation features cascading colored “sand” which reacts to shadows cast by visitors as they move in front of the projection. As visitors begin to move, the sand accumulates on their shadows, and as they move away, the sand falls in different patterns, yet again.

And, there is also a robust, high definition (HD) television production studio which allows visitors to explore the various roles associated with television production. Working as a team, visitors can become directors, cameramen, reporters, hosts, technical directors or field producers all helping to create an HD broadcast story with an environmental theme.

There are more areas we haven’t described, but if you become involved with the ones we have included, you’ll have a new understanding of the technology which surrounds you every day, and which may have already become too invasive in our lives, if we let it. Now, you may be more aware about becoming the Director of your own life. That would be the most important lesson to learn here, I think. Put this one on your New York trip planner.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab
550 Madison Ave. @ 56th St, New York
General info: 212-833-8100
Hours: Tues- Sat: 10:00am – 5:00pm, Sun: 12:00pm – 5:00pm, closed Mondays and Major Holidays

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