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Seattle is a very international city, especially with its well-earned preeminence in the high-tech revolution. So, people gravitate towards this city from all over the world and when you visit, you will usually find a cadre of your fellow countrymen there, along with a myriad of ethnic cultural events.

For Iran, not many people here have contact with the country at the moment, but that belies the long and enlightened contributions of Persians. There is a well-established Persian community in America, and you can have the pleasure of attending a Seattle concert to share Persian culture.

The Esoterics present:
HAPTADAMA—The Seven Creations of Ancient Persia
May 7, 2010 8–9 pm
May 8, 8-9pm
PACCAR Pavilion, Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park,
2901 Western Avenue, Seattle

Award-winning Seattle vocal ensemble The Esoterics perform the surround-sound a cappella opera “The Seven Creations”. Written by The Esoterics’s founding director, Eric Banks, who spent 2 years researching ancient chants. This is a seven-movement, concert-length work based on the chants and mythos of Zoroastrianism, the ancient original religion of Persia and the first monotheistic religion of humankind.

Banks’ opera is based on the Gathas, the original songs of Zarathushtra and these are arguably the oldest songs in recorded human history. It also embodies the Bundahishn, the Persian creation story, in which the struggle between good and evil results in the creation of the seven elements we know as the sky, water, earth, plants, animals, humans and fire.

Enjoy a part of the 17th season of The Esoterics, a Seattle-based vocal ensemble dedicated to performing and perpetuating contemporary a cappella choral settings of poetry, philosophy, and spiritual writings from around the world. It is the premier vocal ensemble in Seattle and in the Pacific Northwest; it seeks and finds inspiration in music’s oldest and purest form: the gathering of unaccompanied voices in song.

$20 general admission purchased at the door
$18 advanced admission purchased online via The Estoterics or by calling 206.935.7779.
$15 tickets are available for students, seniors, the un(der)employed and the differently abled.

Online tickets are not available on the day of the concert.

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