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Like San Francisco, Seattle has been welcoming Chinese immigrants for a very long time, and many new immigrants came to Vancouver, BC, too, before Hong Kong was handed back to China a decade or so ago.

The whole West Coast is home to large Asian populations, and many traditions are still lived daily in these communities. So, without worrying about traveling to Asia, go through these ethnic, culturally-rich neighborhoods on a guided tour. You’ll learn lots and you can always return to examine more on your own.

When we lived in San Francisco, my husband and I would often go to Chinatown for a traditional Chinese breakfast (we’ve done that in Seattle, too). Early in the morning, in San Francisco’s Chinatown, you will see many daily tasks lost from view at other times of day. It is all truly fascinating. My favorite parts included the dim sum breakfast and seeing the fortune cookies being made, through the open door of the bakery, but prayers and all kinds of sounds were resonant, too.

Seattle has Wing Luke Asian Museum. The Museum is closed on Mondays. The first Thursday and third Saturday of the month are free admission days at Wing Luke. The International District also includes a library and the anchor store for all things Asian is the huge market called Uwajimaya (there’s one in Portland, Oregon, too), among many other options.

Seattle Chinatown tours

Chinatown International District Organization

Chinatown attractions

Uwajimaya – a Pan-Asian market and all things Asian.
There are many locations.
The International District store is located at:
600 5th Ave S (between James St & Weller St)
Seattle, WA 98104
open 7 days a week
There is a food court there, too, as well as a huge Japanese bookstore.

Also, less-expensive and excellent, smaller Japanese market, check out:
Maruta-Shoten Japanese Grocery
1024 S Bailey St
Seattle, WA 98108
Neighborhood: Georgetown
open 7 days a week
(206) 767-5002
The pre-made dinners and sushi go on 50% off sale at 5pm.

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