Seattle – Asian Pacific Islander Heritage

There’s a large Pacific Islander contingent in the populations of San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. and this month Seattle celebrates Pacific Islander heritage and culture.

One or more days each month, Seattle Center holds a cultural festival reflective of the diverse cultural groups in Seattle’s population, so you can see something unique whenever you come to the City.

This month’s sponsoring group casts a wide net and includes South-East Asia, too. Experience the diverse cultures that includes China, the Philippines, Samoa, Japan, the South Pacific Islands and Cambodia.

The Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration happens Saturday, May 2 this year.

There, you can delve into the cultures of Asia with:
___ spectacular lion dances
___ youth drill teams
___ martial arts
___ taiko drums
___ and other incredible artists

Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage
Asian Pacific Directors Coalition
Event: 05/02/2010
Admission: Free
Presented at: Seattle Center
305 Harrison Street, Seattle
(206) 684-7200
Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage.

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