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Art Wolfe was born in Seattle and is the son of 2 commercial artists . He graduated from the University of Washington with Bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and art education. You can read more about Art in Part 1 and 2 at the links below.

Additionally, Wolfe now spends nearly nine months a year traveling. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and Art also serves on the advisory boards for the Wildlife Conservation Society, Nature’s Best Foundation, Bridges to Understanding and the North American Nature Photographers Association. He frequently donates performances and work to dozens of environmental and educational groups every year.

In his 30-year photography career, Art Wolfe has produced over a million photographic images and published 70 books. Art’s stunning pictures interpret and record the world’s wildlife, landscapes and native cultures, and his photos inspire people to celebrate and protect these precious assets.

“ART WOLFE’S TRAVELS TO THE EDGE” is underwritten by Public Broadcasting station in Portland, Oregon and is sent throughout the nation. Nearly half of all Americans have seen at least one episode.

This summer, in addition to the exhibition already mentioned in Part 2, Art Wolfe will also have an exhibition at the Burke Museum in Seattle.

You can begin by attending:
Art Wolfe: Between Heaven and Earth
Thursday, May 27, 2010
7:30 pm

Art Wolfe is the founder (and guiding force) behind the International Conservation Photographers Award exhibit showing at the Burke Museum this summer. Art will speak at Benaroya Hall, Seattle on May 27 in a presentation focusing on his Himalayan region of Central Asia photographs.

They reflect one of his most personal statements to date. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear Art. Learn how he sees his development as a photographer and of his passion for his work. You will spend an evening enchanted by his stories, videos and stunning photographs.

NOTE: “Between Heaven and Earth” is presented by Kenmore Camera, who has graciously offered $10 tickets for the first 200 Burke Museum Members to respond to this offer.

If you are not a Burke member but wish to purchase tickets directly from Benaroya Hall, please access their web ticket office Art Wolfe – “Between Heaven and Earth”.

Online, in addition to Art’s own site at, you can see a slideshow of Art’s work at: Fifty Crows Gallery, San Franscisco and if you are visiting SF, then go see more:
FiftyCrows Gallery
49 Geary St – Suite 225
San Francisco, CA 94108

A list of galleries in other cities where Art exhibits is on his website.

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