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Two well-known artists will be giving concerts in Seattle, and as of yesterday, tickets were still available. This points out the necessity to check in with your hotel’s concierge if you are making an unexpected (business) trip and let them tell you what’s on in town.

You never know what interesting talent will be giving a concert if you were not expecting to visit. Also, it makes sense to follow your favorites. Most artists have websites which includes information about their national and world tours.

These two talented artists are having concerts at the exact same time in Seattle.

I am not a favorite of Conan O’Brien, but in his undeserved hiatus from national television, he used the last 3 months to slim-down and from now until November (when his new TBS network show opens), he will be meeting large groups of fans.

Hailed by even the Washington Post as “modest, wry, self-effacing and demonstrably the most intelligent of the late-night comedians” his first concert opened a couple of days ago, in the college town of Eugene, Oregon. In pouring rain, 2,800 fans brought their pre-paid tickets and proceeded into the show of their lives.

Conan admits that he isn’t skilled in anything other than making people laugh, but as he received a 30+ million dollar severance, he’s not hurting. So, if you’re a fan, then see him in the second performance of “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour”, Seattle, Sunday, April 18th at 8PM at Seattle Center’s Marion Oliver McCaw Hall. Learn more about it all, below.

Meanwhile, the daughter of one of my favorite performers, Ravi Shankar, will also be performing in Seattle. Her name is Norah Jones and she is so talented. She doesn’t utilize her father’s classical Indian music background, but woos her audience with her own style of modern music.

At the Paramount Theatre, April 18 at 8pm, you can settle-in to an evening with Norah Jones’ very special music. She’s doing this concert with a different group of musicians and hopes to be experimenting with her music a little more. This multiple Grammy award-winner’s new album is called “The Fall”.

Jones has established a strong musical identity based around her sultry vocals and jazz-informed, piano-driven pop style. But, on “The Fall”, in addition to the added emphasis on rhythm, Norah brings her own guitar playing front and center in the sound. Her father played the classical Indian sitar and was a world master, so I think it is wonderful that Norah is working with stringed instruments, too, now.

She admits that she has always written more of her work for guitar than for piano. Her success has skyrocketed since being an unknown only seven years ago. He star shines brightly and her talent was immediately found. Now, she’s still only 27 years old.

Norah has been evolving both her Jazz side and her country side. I expect this will be a process all her professional life. There’s so much talent pent-up inside. She’ll change western music, just like her father brought Indian music to the world. Learn more about Norah at: Norah Jones in Seattle.

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