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The Seattle Ladies Music Club is the city’s oldest arts group and it now numbers more than 200 women who seek to share classical music with their community by having: members do recitals; Awards and Tour programs for young professional musicians, an International Artists Music Series (now sponsored by the University of Washington) and a unique Music in Schools program.

The Club was founded in 1891, in a town very much on the Western frontier! Even back then, in those circumstances, they had 50 members. Amazing.

Free public concerts are held constantly. Several times next week, the Club will give 1 hour concerts in libraries and other free venues. Next Saturday, April 17, at 2pm there’s one in the Seattle Asian Art Museum (in this case, you will have to pay museum admission). You can see a link to the Club’s performance calendar below with the program pieces listed and details of time and venue.

If you have questions, contact by phone at: 206.622.6882.

I will never forget when my husband and I attended a folk-music dance festival in Katmandu, Nepal. We were the only “foreigners” in the audience; my husband and I had a wonderful time, and were warmly welcomed by those who could speak English as well as by those who could not. People were looking to see how / if we were enjoying their cultural traditions. It was a win-win for all of us to share that time. The dances and songs were beautiful; I didn’t need to know their language, as music is universal.

In my opinion, music reaches deeply into the soul of each of us, and any time when you can be in its embrace, your soul will feel its power and you will be cleansed and transported into better frames of mind and body rhythms. If you can include cultural experiences on your travels, your vacation will be more meaningful and refreshed.

UW World Music Series
Seattle Ladies Music Club Performance Calendar

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