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Today, when many are celebrating Easter, it is a chance to get out to truly enjoy and appreciate all of Creation. So, you could not choose a more beautiful city to do that in than Seattle.

It’s called “The Emerald City” maybe after the fictional Oz, but its real natural splendor goes far beyond what Frank L. Baum dreamed.

If you are not Christian, or after services if you are, then if you are visiting the City, especially if you are without your family, then here are a couple of things to do this afternoon (and anytime for one of them).

1) First, go for a walk in Seattle’s Arboretum. Today happens to be the monthly guided walk, but you can choose other days by learning more at Week-end Walks in Seattle’s Arboretum

2) Second, today you can attend a for fee workshop on growing your own Medicinal Plants at Oregon’s and Washington’s famous certifying organic group: Tilth. Learn more at Edible and Medicinal Weeds

The class will be led by Claire Zimmerman who teaches extensively about wild edible and medicinal plants, Permaculture design, medicinal herbs and botany. Claire is the founder and owner of Pixie Plots Garden Company, a Permaculture based landscape design company focusing on promoting edible, medicinal, and native gardens. If you miss the lecture, you might be able to meet Claire anyway when you come to town and learn something to make your corner of the world better.

Seattle, like most Oregon cities, is committed to honoring the Earth and caring for it, in the traditions of the great Chief Seattle. The City’s endeavors are oriented to that end.

There will always be lectures and demonstrations going on at Tilth, especially on week-ends, so check out their site for specifics.

It’s important knowledge. Many homeowners and gardeners shun the “weeds” in their yards, even going to the point of using toxic sprays to eliminate these misplaced plants — but, is there any real reason to decide one plant is evil and your assignment is to eradicate it?

This class will introduce you to those often-arbitrarily designated “weed plants” in a whole new light. After all, all parts of Creation are meant to have a role.

Most of the free or paid classes will focus on practical skills to become an organic gardener, and why that is important, as we accepted the role as Stewards of the Earth, a much different role than the one many humans designate as Masters of the Earth.

At Tilth, through hands-on learning and sometimes tasting, you will leave feeling more empowered to use the plants growing right outside your backdoor, and more at peace with the natural world.

Phone: (206) 633-0451
Seattle Tilth Demonstration Garden
4649 Sunnyside Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98103
Seattle Tilth

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