Seattle’s Moisture Festival

Anticipating the coming of Spring Rains, this aptly named event gives visitors the choice to experience a cultural delight, indoors!

The last of the festival offerings is this coming week-end, as this year’s festival of innovative comedy and delights ran from March 11 to April 4.

The seeds of the festival began years ago at the Oregon State Fair.

Now, Comedy/Varietè is an intriguing assortment of entertainments which offer unlimited imagination during highly skilled performances. Each act is presented as part of a variety show, with a routine within a 3-15 minute time slot, while being accompanied by a live
show band.

It’s the weird and the wonderful – all keeping the tradition
of Comedy/Varietè/Vaudeville alive – and is an attempt to celebrate Spring, since 2004, using Hale’s Palladium, in the Hale’s Brewery warehouse located between Fremont and Ballard at 4301 Leary Way NW.

At ACT: A Contemporary Theatre, in downtown Seattle, 7th & Union, you can see Grande Varietè in ACT’s Falls Theatre Burlesque shows.

In 2005 Moisture Festival the Burlesque show started as a late night attraction. Immediately, the energy sparked by their talent began a wonderful relationship and a festival tradition.

In the past, in American vaudeville houses, burlesque was an element in the Varietè shows, but it was decided that a larger audience could be had if the shows were “cleaned up” and made respectable for the general public. That’s history now being full-circle.

There are only 2 days more scheduled events. See them here: Seattle Moisture Festival Calendar of Events

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