Saving Our Future and Our Planet

Part of being a responsible tourist is to be a good guest, and to help the local people understand more about what is happening on our planet.

Many times, traditional cultures, with good farming practices, are wondering why their crops are suffering and do not know what to do or that this may continue for a long time. By educating them, you are helping them to make knowledgeable choices and to opt for pressing for more involvement in their nation’s decisions.

We are ambassadors when we travel, and that means at home and abroad to be aware how our own actions impact the planet, too. Before you leave, you might contact official ecologically-oriented non-profits to see if your journey can be used to help them, too.

Planes are going to fly, whether you’re on them or not, and ships will ply the waters and dams or atomic powerplants will churn out electricity to run electric trains. But, this isn’t like your son’s or father’s toy train set! When you travel, it behooves you to understand the carbon-footprint you make and to design your life at home and during travel to help offset the carbon travel produces.

Use the cleanest energy source, the least damaging energy-source and try to do so at every opportunity. Walk more. Bike more. And, that means getting in shape before you go! Places like London and Paris are giving more and more green options. Be part of it!

Recently, Vancouver BC City Council met to discuss global warming and is wrestling with hard decisions which must be made. You can introduce the idea to village elders, whose governments may have left them out-of-the-loop, conveniently. Just do this in a friendly, helpful, diplomatic way, and let them lead with their questions. Educate yourself, and be honest.

But, what you do in your own life is really impactful, as citizens of the first-world and the emerging industries in China, especially, are the source of the problem, with India’s coal-fired energy-plants not far behind China’s.

That takes in about half the population of the planet, who cause about 90% of the pollution and land system carnage. When thinking about “cheap” goods, factor this massive pollution into the equation and support responsible manufacturers!

So what can you do everyday, besides using public transportation and low-impact personal transport? Learn more about the implementations in the world’s “greenest cities” – nominated as:
1) Portland, Oregon (my city)
2) Freiburg, Germany
3) Zermatt, Switzerland
4) Montreal, Canada
5) Austin, Texas
and work for the same in your home-town.

And, you can, as in an article which Vancouver’s Georgia Straight chose to highlight from the Web says, ‘eliminate or decrease severely the 7 foods which wreke havoc on our planet’.

What are these foods? We’ll discuss them tomorrow.

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