Unusual Vacations in the Future

Don’t be surprised to find that you will be possibly vacationing on an artificial (tropical) island in the future — one that has been made even in international waters, at this point, so that it can be a new nation — with new “rules” and “laws” and showcasing technologies that are self-sustaining and green.

There are some nations which have been extending their shorelines this way, already, like the palm-shaped housing and hotel development off the coast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and even Kansai Airport in Japan’s Osaka Bay.

But, as the United Nations is receiving many more requests to acknowledge “new Nations”, this seems a likely trend. Find a piece of relatively shallow water, beyond any territorial limit waters or land claimed by other nations and get to it. Of course, it’s expensive, but as a tourist, you only need to be concerned about which ones will allow visitors (and for what purpose) and how to get there.

You can dream big dreams, potentially invest and one day visit projects like these. Read more at: Visit New Islands in the Sea

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