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When you visit Vancouver, BC during the Paralympics or later, here are enough suggestions for a trio of new dining suggestions for rumbling tummies daily, to add to the eateries I’ve already written about (see link to archive below).

This is a small, popular hole-in-the-wall that turns out simple, rustic pizzas with quality ingredients. Jessica Biel was a recent guest. Nook Restaurant, Vancouver 781 Denman St., 604-568-4554 604-568-4554

This one is inside popular Granville Island Public Market, which is a must-visit site, anyway. The soups rotate daily. There are about 4,000 recipes on file. There are three offered each day. Fish, meat and vegetarian options, ranging from $4.75 to $7. (The breakfast porridge is popular here, too.) 1689 Johnston St., 604-687-2433 604-687-2433

For an unusual preparation, Thetis Island oysters are pierced with a pipette filled with Whistler lager. You bite into the oyster, then squeeze the pipette and the two meet in your mouth in a most delicious way. $3.90 each. Nu – Oysters and Beer 1661 Granville St., 604-646-4668 604-646-4668

These insanely large Oreo cookies aren’t for dipping. Oprah’s O magazine staff were curious enough to try these when researching some of Butter Bakery’s products in New York. You might want their marshmallows, too. Everything is MMMM, good! Here’s the source, 4341 Dunbar, or get them at Whole Foods and Capers Markets.

There have been many cheeses which we have mentioned in these articles and Les Amis always stocks them! This time, try ALPINDON AND NOSTRALA.

There’s a new cheesemaker in British Columbia, Kootenay Cheese Company, from the West Kootenay. They make alpine cheese, in the traditional way, using only the milk of fresh grass grazing cows.

Therefore, the Alpindon and Nostrala have nutty characteristics and are certainly reminiscent of fine European cheeses. Les Amis du Fromage

Chambar’s billed as a Belgian restaurant, but like many restaurants around this multicultural city, it’s a restaurant without borders, so try the Moroccan tajine d’aziz a l’agneau ($29). The Belgians were in Africa for a long time, so this is not so unusual. Try this lamb dish. It has been on the menu here since the restaurant’s beginning and it probably will stay put to keep the locals content. Your palate will be delighted by the traditional combination of honey, figs, cinnamon. 562 Beatty St., 604-879-7119 604-879-7119 .

Try the tacos they’re $16.75 for two big ones (your choice from six). I am a goner when it comes to fish tacos, so try the halibut with mango salsa. The grilled steak comes a close second.
1326 Davie St., 604-696-9996 604-696-9996 .

Come try the Korean food here. Korean Paralympics visitors will be able to indulge, too. Korean visitors looking for a taste of home will find it here. The Robson Street venue was on steroids during the Olympics and servers were running marathons, so if the same happens during the Paralympics, then you’ll need to be willing to deal with the cacophony, OR try the other locations! Their expansive menu will suit everyone — soups, noodles, Korean pancakes, bulgogi and of course, kimchee. 1719 Robson St., 604-642-0712 604-642-0712 and 8320 Alexandra St., Richmond, 233-0712.

These Southern barbecue dishes will satisfy any lust for meat that you may have. There’s pulled pork, ribs, chicken, po-boys for normal appetites, and the Elvis Platter ($70) and the Priscilla ($135) are suitable for parties.

1465 West Broadway, 604-738-6852 604-738-6852 ; 1342 Commercial Dr., 604-215-2565 604-215-2565 ; 1629 Lonsdale, North Vancouver, 604-929-3733 604-929-3733 .

If you’re in this Games venue, then this market features locally-made foods and crafts every Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Host Nation Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre’s Istken Hall, ground level. The vendors change week by week. Their wares include lots of baked goods, local maple syrup, preserves and pickles, bison hotdogs and sausages to have there or cook at home and varieties of hummus. In warmer seasons, there’s more fresh foods. 4584 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, 604-964-0990 604-964-0990 .

Up in the mountain valley of Whistler, BC, this place serves a hearty, solid, full-plate breakfast. Relax in its alpine theme, and the bistro (open for breakfast, lunch, dinner) offers a cheery morning atmosphere. Its breakfast menu features Benedicts (including wild sockeye and crab cake) with organic rosemary, shallot hash browns. The cinnamon bun is ooey-gooey. Coffee is the locally-roasted “Galileo”. 4573 Chateau Boulevard, Whistler, 604-932-7051 604-932-7051

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