Vancouver’s Best Food – It’s All About Local! 2

See Part 1 in the Vancouver archive, link below. Now, continuing our Food Hunt for some of Vancouver’s amazing local foods:

___ Nuttier than a fruitcake
That’s the name of the small Kelowna company which makes two Okanagan Valley fruit-based fruitcakes. Their “Totally Decadent Fruitcake” has glace cherries, pineapple, chocolate chunks and is soaked in brandy. The “Harvest Cake” is made with dried apricots, pears, apples, chocolate and is soused with rum. Each is about $16.50, and they are available at Edible B.C., (Granville Island Public Market), Stong’s Market (Dunbar St.), Buy-Low Foods (Burnaby).

___ Yes, Canadians are nutty
Hazelnuts from Canadian Hazelnuts in Agassiz show up everywhere, even on the poshest of restaurant menus. You can buy them during a drive in the country near Agassiz or at Edible B.C. at Granville Island Market. Their retail products includes a “beer nut” hazelnut (around $5.95) which has a sweet exterior, and hazelnuts married with chocolate is a match made in heaven.

___ Vinegar for dessert
I have written about Vancouver Island’s Venturi Schulze’s balsamic vinegar before as something you’d want as a gift – it’s $69 for 250 mL but it’s sumptuous. It’s so smooth, Sooke Harbour House, NW of Victoria, makes an aperitif with it and others have made ice cream with it.

Venturi Schulze is also retailing verjus (which is unfermented grape juice from unripe fruit). Verjus is used like vinegar. Of course, they make wonderful wines, too.

You’ll find their products at Edible B.C., Well Seasoned (Langley) and Broadway International Specialty Wine Shop. Or, you can order online: Venturi Schulze’s British Columbian Balsamic Vinegar.

___ Help-the-planet seafood
I love fresh fish, and Vancouver is blessed with so many local options, which other cities can’t hope to match. And, haunting local bookshops for local cookbooks, you’ll likely find “A Good Catch” by Jill Lambert. This book is filled with sustainable seafood recipes, (they’ve been given the green go-ahead by Sustainable Seafood Canada). Lambert helps to take all the guesswork out of what’s enviro-conscious eating and what’s not. We do want to honor Mother Nature and preserve the species and viable, sustainable fisheries. This is a good place to start when you return home, and even in the City, if your rooms have a kitchenette. Previous articles have given information of where to buy fresh fish, locally. Many of the fishermen come in near Granville Island Market and there are several great stores all across the town.

The recipe contributions come from top chefs across Canada and a few from the USA. Included are Vancouver’s esteemed David Hawksworth, John Bishop, Hidekazu Tojo, Rob Clark and Karen Barnaby ($24.95).


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