Vancouver – After Olympics, Before Paralympics

Vancouver is in limbo, with about a 2 week respite between hosting the world’s athletes and attracting global visitors for the two sets of Games.

The City’s streets look positively deserted after seeing throngs of 100,000 people each night. The most-frequented Olympic transportation lines seem almost unused, as just normal amounts of Vancouverites ride them. People managed to board their planes for international flights under the watchful eyes of VanOC and airport officials. Things went smoothly.

The Science Museum is being returned as the Russian Sochi 2014 crew packs up, and the news from Russia is dire — they’re firing the Russian Olympic officials because of such a poor showing in Vancouver.

Russia’s Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko arrived at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow on Tuesday after taking part in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and heard that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered Russian Olympic officials to quit or to be fired now. Medevedev demanded drastic changes to training procedure after a truly poor showing at the Winter Games, which has plunged national pride.

And, back in Vancouver, protesters still lie in the street, near tents in the Downtown Eastside neighborhood — which is drug-filled, crime-ridden and a prostitution mecca. They are protesting against housing policies. There were many protests from a myriad of groups during the Olympics, but very few of them got international attention. How successful they were locally, remains to be seen, but BC certainly has issues to work on.

But, for the newly arriving international visitors coming to the Paralympics, Vancouver is ready and welcoming. For those who stayed for extra time after the Olympics, enjoy the chance to see the City in a more normal way. There are lots of articles here in the archive to help you.


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