Vancouver Olympics – Closing Ceremony

Unlike Canada’s female hockey team which shamed the country, even though they won the gold medal, Canada’s Joannie Rochette competed in the women’s figure skating long program and made her country proud with a bronze!

At the Pacific Coliseum on February 25, 2010, during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, B.C., Joannie won the hearts of Canadians (and many around the world) with her emotional skate to win the bronze medal. She accomplished this amazing feat just days after her mother had died in Vancouver, after traveling from Quebec, to see her daughter skate in her second Olympic Games.

Today, Joannie Rochette was singularly chosen as Canada’s flag-bearer for the closing ceremony.

“The flag-bearer that we selected was an inspiration,” chef de mission Nathalie Lambert said.

Rochette, of Ile Dupas, Que., decided to still compete in the Games to honor her mother Therese, who died Feb. 21 of a heart attack.

Joannie Rochette, silver World medalist, placed third after the short program and maintained that position after the free skate, to earn the Bronze Olympic medal.

She thanked her teammates: “They never put any pressure on me to go out and skate. They were just supporting. I want to walk tonight in that stadium with a big smile on my face.”

With that great smile, she will show Canada’s pride for earning the most gold medals, ever, for one country in the Winter Games!

Joannie said: “I’ve been carried by so many Canadians, so it’s an honor for me to carry them into that stadium on behalf of all my teammates.”

The closing ceremony for the 2010 21st Winter Olympic Games, happens later today at BC Place in Vancouver.

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