Vancouver Olympics – Zip Above the City!

Be a daredevil … now you can ride a ZipTrek Ecotours zip-line, free, above the city of Vancouver. What a thrill. But, this event has been popular, as it is part of the “Ya’ Gotta Be here!” campaign. There are usually 4 – 6 hour waits, but that may reduce, if locals stay away for the moment, and let guests go first. The line will remain for the Paralympics (March 12 – 21) with far fewer crowds, so the locals can ride then to their heart’s content!

The zip-line phenomenon is usually reserved for country and mountain experiences, and I’ve enjoyed seeing some fantastic ones, especially on the “Amazing Race”, (like the one they constructed in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge). So this is amazing to think of flying over Robson and Davie streets, across Robson Square, in the heart of Vancouver.

It’s open 10am – 9pm. See a it live here: Zip Line Vancouver BC webcam.


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