Vancouver Olympics – Participate from Home!

Yes, you read that correctly. You can join in from any internet connection in the world thanks to the brilliant idea from Vectorial Elevation — the group which operates the computer run searchlight displays nightly, above the Vancouver, BC skyline.

During the evening hours, between now and the end of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (this coming Sunday), your design could be catapaulted into the night sky above the City, as mine will be tonight!

Go to to the following website where you can see the instructions. You will need to have Google Earth installed (you can get it at the VE site) if you want to see your design before-hand in 3 dimensions.

VE also gives you a public page of a photograph snapped by four cameras, from different vantage points, when your display is above Vancouver! What a treat.

You will receive the URL to share.

The same system has been done in several other parts of the world. It’s great fun to see and knowing you can be a part of something global is a great feeling.

UPDATE: 2-26-10 My personally designed sky show, with Vancouver’s skyscrapers in the background, was absolutely awesome! I even watched it live on the internet!

Vectorial Elevation display Vancouver, BC


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