Vancouver Olympics – Athletes and Food Choices

If you are familiar with the faces of some of the more famous Olympic athletes, you may find them in downtown restaurants during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Many of them want to have fun after their Olympic Agony or Triumph, so don’t be surprised if you see them up close and personal.

Here are some recent appearances which Amy Rosen reported.

Some of North America’s top athletes like to eat. And, they really enjoy good food to fuel their energetic bodies! When it comes to Team Canada hockey goalie, Roberto Luongo, he’s all about lobster linquine, and he’s visited Cioppino’s before some of his games. He gets take out, so he can eat in peace.

Chad Hedrick, American Speed Skater: He likes Rodney’s Oyster House which has a laid-back atmosphere. Vancouver has an abundance of excellent oysters and other seafood. 1228 Hamilton St. 604-609-0080 604-609-0080 or Rodney’s Oyster House, Vancouver.

Alexa Loo, Snowboarding, Canada is a The Richmond, BC, native. She loves Glowbal Grill in Yaletown, which is known for its decadent lobster grilled cheese sandwiches — just right for a wintry day! 1079 Mainland St. 604-629-3424 604-629-3424 or Glowbal Grill, Vancouver.

Evan Lysacek, Gold Medalist, Figure Skating, USA: Lot’s to celebrate! He had lunch at Yew at the Four Seasons, Vancouver before his winning skate. 791 W. Georgia St. 604- 689-9333 604- 689-9333 or Yew, Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver.

Debbie McCormick, Curling, USA: Curling may seem stodgy or old-fashioned, but prefer to think of it as an ancient heritage and the players can be quite “hip”. This curling team member plans on visiting the Cellar Jazz Club, which serves snacks like yam frites and spicy edamame. 3611 W. Broadway St. 604-738-1959 604-738-1959 or
Cellar Jazz Club, Vancouver.

Shaun White, Multi-Gold medalist, Snowboarding, USA: The flaming red, curly hair of this flamboyant gold medalist has been spotted
celebrating in Vancouver’s Granville Entertainment District at the
two-story Republic Club, which has a towering, backlit bar. 958 Granvnville St., 604-669-3266 604-669-3266 Republic Club, Vancouver.

Hayley Wickenheiser, Hockey, Canada: She is the three-time Olympic medalist who was chosen to deliver the athletes’ oath at the 2010 opening ceremony. Wickenheiser loves Vij’s renowned, imaginative Indian dishes and Miku’s aburi-style (lightly torched) sushi.

Vij’s, 1480 W. 11th Ave. 604-736-6664 604-736-6664 Vij’s Indian, Vancouver.

Miku #2 – 1055 W. Hastings St. 604-568-3900 604-568-3900 or Miku Sushi, Vancouver.


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