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Coming to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver can be a Foodie’s Delight, for British Columbia, itself, is home to many wonderful seasonal and artisan foods. Vancouver’s artisans and chefs make some amazing products and here’s a series devoted to them.

Some items may not be available in winter; some may be available online if you delve; some will be in forms you can take home as souvenirs; others just must be experienced in restaurants. Most, if not all, will be available long after the Olympiad has left Vancouver. Enjoy!

This series was originally found in Vancouver Magazine There’s something for everyone!

1. Raspberry Wheat Ale:
Granville Island Brewery’s seasonal ales contain sunshine, fruit, and spice in large bottles which are just begging for a sunny patio, especially one with a view! The Raspberry Wheat Ale is all fruit-forward snap; the Belgian Wit is bright and hop-flavorful and both are widely available.

2. Salmon Tacones
British Columbia is justifiably proud of its native, wild salmon runs. Enjoy the fish as a smoky tortilla laden with grilled wild salmon straight off the boat, fresh salsa, Asian-inspired coleslaw and a zippy sauce that has been known to dribble down your arms. The cone is best enjoyed on a park bench overlooking Fisherman’s Wharf. Go Fish, 1505 W. First Ave., 604-730-5040.

3. Gyu Yukke
Japanese visitors to the Winter Olympic Games may be searching for familiar food, and other visitors may want to sample traditional Japanese fare, so try the fresh beef sashimi topped with a raw quail egg then drizzled with shoyu sauce and sesame oil. The shoyu (a special soy sauce) elevates this simple dish, adding a delicious sweetness; the egg helps to bind the flavors together. Gyoza King, 1508 Robson St., 604-669-8278

4. Double-Baked Almond Croissant
Chef Thomas Haas’s sparkle cookies and decadent chocolates are brilliant, but his pastries might be thought to be even more divine — especially consider the luscious double-baked almond croissant, available at 49th Parallel, 2152 W. Fourth Ave., 604-420-4901

5. Rabbit Sausage
If you have cooking options at your vacation residence, then local charcuterie’s Rino and Sergio Cioffi are known for dry-aging just about anything at their customers’ request. Their house-made rabbit sausage makes the trip to neighboring Burnaby worthwhile. Cioffi’s, 4156 E. Hastings St., Burnaby 604-291-9373

6. Smoked Beef Tenderloin
When you unwrap the brown-paper package, be prepared to swoon as the tantalizing smokiness reaches you. The flavor of this preserved meat is satisfyingly deep — perfect for sandwiches to eat while you are waiting for hours in line to go through Olympic Security — but eat it before you reach the gate, as no home-made food is allowed in any Olympic venue. JN&Z Deli, 1729 Commercial Dr., 604-251-4144.

7. Hercule De Charlevoix Cheese
Every wheel comes from milk from a Quebecoise farm herd of 30 Jersey cows. Quebec sends this creamy, nutty, earthy, and dense cheese to your table or picnic blanket. It is a perfect addition to the meal. Mount Pleasant Cheese Shop, 3432 Cambie St., 604-875-6363

8. Clayburn Raspberry Jam
This is a superb, local double jam (no fillers) with just fruit, pectin, and sugar. It’s from Fraser Valley raspberries. Perfect for your picnic peanut butter and jelly! Sugar & Co., 1348A Marine Dr., West Vancouver, 604-925-0801

9. Chef’s Chicken Salad
This is a tantalizing shredded stir-fry of chicken, jellyfish, house-pickled vegetables, sweet and sour sauce and crispy wonton noodles which are tossed tableside with sesame oil. Full of texture and counter-point flavor, find it at Koon Bo, 5682 Fraser St., 604-323-1218.

10. Honey Doughnuts
These local, delectable morsels are baked in small batches throughout the day. They’re soft, chewy and are offered in plain, chocolate, and maple flavors. Honey Doughnuts and Goodies, 4373 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver, 604-929-4988.

I’ll bring more local food delights tomorrow.

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