Vancouver Olympics – Transportation Rules

Even though there’s been lots of planning, with hordes of people attending the Olympic events, whether local or international visitors, everyone is bound by the same rules.

___ In Vancouver, for all the 2010 Winter Olympic venues, there will be NO spectator parking for the events.

___ Don’t forget to reserve your seat on the Olympic bus network for the Whistler and Cypress Mountain events. You will need to purchase transportation separate from the costs of the Olympic sport event tickets. Learn more Vancouver Olympics official bus network for transport to Whistler and Cypress Mountain. The Network buses are accessible for wheelchairs (but how many per bus????) and are allowing seeing-eye dogs. VISA is the only credit-card accepted for payment.

___ The venues open hours ahead of time, and public transport is the best way to get there. Use this link to find out the latest Vancouver transportation information.

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