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Continuing the series about Vegetarian Markets in Vancouver, in order to help Winter Olympic Games tourists with their dietary needs at a busy, likely-expensive time to visit, as it was at Expo ’86.

These are secondary Vegetarian markets, and I would only duck into them if they happen to be nearby. I am sure the premier ones mentioned in Part 1 are generally superior choices.

Several of these businesses (in both parts of the series, along with the Vegetarian restaurants in all 9 parts of that series) may be currently giving EarthSave members varying degrees of discounts, so check out the EarthSave Canada website. EarthSave Canada Discounts. Shop Green!

___ Vegan Choice Foods
Non-dairy cheesecakes
604-626-2226 or 604-946-8204

___ Veggie Favour Food Store – Cafe
3048 Main Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-879-2928
#170-4751 Garden City Rd, Richmond
Tel: 604-207-0783
Vegetarian Food Store and Cafe, Vancouver

___ Happy Veggie World
#378-13988 Cambie St. Richmond
Bus: (No6. + Cambie)

___ Whole Vegetarian Food Inc.
1107-4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, 604-438-6186 (Crystal Mall)
108-2800 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver – (604) 568-8180
510-3771 Jacombs Road, Richmond – (778) 297-6263
+ one more See Whole Vegetarian Food Inc. Vancouver.

I have tended to leave off the Chinese vegetarian markets, as I personally am concerned about the safety and quality control of all food products from China, and these groceries are more likely to stock these items. I recommend you learn more about this topic.

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