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Many people need to have vegetarian or vegan food for a variety of health and cultural reasons; others choose to eat this way because:

About 2,000 pounds of grain must be supplied to livestock to feed them in order to produce enough meat and other (dairy) products to support ONE person for a whole year, whereas only 400 pounds of grain eaten directly will support ONE person for a year’ states Dr. M.E. Ensminger, Ph.D. Internationally recognized animal agriculture specialist, former Department of Animal Science Chairman at Washington State University.

So, for vegetarian or vegan visitors who have a way to cook, either by renting an apartment, working something out with your B&B owner, paying for a residential-suite hotel which has a kitchen or rooming in a friend’s home, then here are places where you should be able to buy the foods you need, locally.

During the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver BC, there will still be some fresh market options with local vendors — the most important one being the Winter Market. Utilizing all these choices below, use their delis to save on being captive to restaurant prices and selection. Take a picnic lunch, at least.

___ Winter Market: It is not open every day, or even every week-end. It is available, indoors, every other week-end until April 24, 2010.

Throughout the winter, you can celebrate all that is tasty and beautiful about this great province. There will be up to 50 vendors with everything to make a meal and more! Markets continue every other week at the WISE Hall (1882 Adanac Street, Vancouver). That means it should be open January 30, 2010, February 13 and 27, March 13 and 27 while the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are in town.

Everything is available: organic and conventional produce, meat, cheese, seafood, preserves, baked goods and bread.

You may lunch at the on-site Creperie or warm up with a hot coffee on a winter day. There will also be select craft vendors, as they are at Granville Island Market. Don’t forget your reusable bags and as parking in the Farmers Winter Market area is limited, try to walk, bike or take transit if you can.

After the Winter Market closes, the regular markets’ season begins, and there are lots more locales and choices. The Winter Market link is below.

Other commercial storefront vegetarian markets:

___ The one which most Vancouverites will send you to is their original health food market, Capers Community Market , which has now been bought by the American corporation Whole Foods, and does business with both names. There are several locations throughout the city. Whole Foods Market does an amazing job, and they are the STANDARD all others are measured by. They even have a location downtown, with their in-house cafe and pre-made food as well as just about any fresh or shelf item you will need. Prices are competitive, but on the high side for most items. Open: Daily, 8am-9pm

Whole Foods Market / Capers Markets
– 925 Main Street, West Vancouver
– 2285 W Fourth Ave 739-6676
– 1675 Robson St 604-687-5288
– 2496 Marine Dr 604-925-3316
– 3277 Cambie Street (@ West 16th Avenue) 604-909-2988

___ Choices Market is the most direct competition to Whole Foods / Capers. They are a well-regarded, Canadian-owned organic foods chain. Hours vary by store from 7 days a week 8am – 9pm to 8am – 11pm, so call for specifics.

– 2627 West 16th Ave, Vancouver (604) 736-0009 (Kitsalano)
– 3493 Cambie Street, Vancouver (604) 875-0099
– 1888 West 57th Ave, Vancouver (604) 263-4600 (Kerrisdale)
– 1202 Richards Street, Vancouver (604) 633-2392 (Yaletown)
– 6855 Station Hill Drive, Burnaby (604) 522-6441
– 3248 King George Hwy, White Rock (604) 541-3902
And, there are more stores. See link below.

___ Famous Foods
1595 Kingsway (at Knight & Victoria) (East Vancouver)
Vancouver, BC V5N 2R8, Canada
(604) 872-3019
Bus: EB Kingsway FS Perry St
Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sat – Sun: 8am-7pm
Parking: private lot but still difficult

This is a Vancouver institution. They have a huge selection of vegetarian ingredients and products that are difficult to find elsewhere (including gluten-free) and ethnic choices from: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Russian, Mexican cuisines. They have organic produce and a deli.

Instead of bulk bins, they still sell in bulk but Famous Foods actually pre-packages their dry goods. They offer a variety of sizes (i.e. 500g, 1kg or 2kg bags of beans, rices, etc) so you can scale up or down in quantity pretty easily as needed.

Now that Vancouver is on the cutting edge of fusion-food trends, it’s hard to believe that once there was only one place in town to get spices from India or whole grains to make granola — and that was Famous Foods! Back in the late ’60s, anyone with adventurous taste buds had to trek there and the store moved to its present location on Kingsway in 1983.

Over the years, it morphed to a place where you can also do your day-to-day grocery shopping, adding: fresh produce, dairy products, fresh meats and organic foods. People still make special trips from the West Side and Vancouver Island to load up on the bulk products. Famous Foods carries an extraordinary selection of: flours, oils, grains, nuts, pasta, spices, extracts, chocolates and dried fruit.

___ Commercial Drive (Vancouver)
There are many excellent community grocery stores along Commercial Drive from 7th Ave heading north up to Venables.

___ Main Street (Vancouver)
Main Street also features many great community grocery stores between 10th Ave and 21st Ave. See an example below.

___ Mainly Organics is ENTIRELY organic, but it’s on Main Street, hence the pun. The food is always Locally Grown and the tiny, centrally-located store is Locally Owned.

Since opening in 2003, this business has been delighting the Main Street crowds with an excellent range of organic goods because Mainly Organics is reminiscent of an old local grocer in a small town. The regulars are known and greeted by name in the friendly place and Mainly Organics strives to find the closest supplies and limit the number of food miles. All of the local products are labeled.

You can also pick up some ethical coffees. Enjoy the quaintness of the family-owned shop. And, owner Will Cole-Hamilton and his wife and business partner, Shannon, are big players in Vancouver’s environmental community.

In addition to providing locals with the goods for their 100-mile diets, the couple also contributes to the community in other ways. As oner example, they founded the Learning Climate Educational Society, which donates copies of climate-change documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” to high schools across Canada.

The couple also encourages people to bike to their shop, by providing bike racks outside of the shop. And shoppers are encouraged to bring their own reusable shopping bag, but Mainly Organics supplies biodegradable corn plastic bags for those who forget.

Mainly Organics
4348 Main Street, (NE of Queen Elizabeth Park)
Vancouver, BC, V5V 3P9
Bus 003
Mon-Sun: 10AM-10PM

Vancouver winter farmer’s markets
Capers Community Organic Market, Vancouver, BC is also called
Whole Foods Market, now.
Choices Market, Vancouver BC

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