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Continuing with the best of the vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC so people from all over the world can have their special dietary needs more likely fulfilled by vegetarian food during the Winter Olympic Games visits, here are a few more.

___ The upscale restaurants, Lumiere and West, both offer vegetarian tasting menus. Check that this will still happen during the Olympics. Lumiere: 2551 West Broadway (Larch St.), Vancouver 604-875-0233 Relais Gourmand Lumiere, Vancouver, BC West, 2882 Granville at 13th. (5 minutes from downtown core), Vancouver, BC V6H 3J4 Voice: 604 738 8938 Fax: 604 738 5909 They are already taking Olympics reservations. West Restaurant, Vancouver, BC

___ Sweet Cherubim (1105 Commercial) – for snacks. It is also a health food store and bakery. Sweet Cherubim, Vancouver BC

___ Vegetarian Breakfasts

1. Elixir (350 Davie St): Located in Yaletown and part of the Opus Hotel, so come in nice-casual clothes. Their breakfast and brunch menus have several thoughtfully prepared items, and the general favorite is Elixir Granola (hand rolled oats, orange blossom honey, toasted almonds, yogurt, seasonal fruit). If you eat eggs, for ovo-vegetarians there are multiple omelette dishes available. If you drink it, the coffee is top notch!
Elixir Brunch menu, Vancouver

2. Grub: (4328 Main St.): There’s a strong choice here for vegetarian and vegan options! The place is clean, affordable and it has very good coffee. An example of a recent vegan breakfast was an herbed savory crepe with mashed potato, mushrooms and rosemary applesauce. Grub on Main, Vancouver Menu.

3. Rhizome is at 317 E. Broadway. Try their Tofu Scramble: “Golden miso tofu with roasted red peppers, onions and zucchini, served with corn muffins”. Rhizome, Vancouver BC menu.

4. Alibi Room: This is a spacious place with friendly service and with really good coffee, but breakfast is served only on week-ends. Try the mouth-watering French toast made with brie and strawberries. You will remember it! The Alibi Room, Vancouver, BC

5. The Templeton: This place is very veggie friendly and even offers veggie bacon, if you desire it. This is a cute little diner on Granville St., and the service is always efficient and friendly. The Templeton, Vancouver, BC

6. Medina Cafe (556 Beatty St): Unless you are a lacto-ovo vegetarian, you should know they serve a lot of egg dishes! If you are vegan, you’ll be having fruit salad and waffles, which are Belgian-style. They come with unique toppings like milk chocolate lavender, and are delicious. Great coffee, too! Medina Cafe, Vancouver, BC

___ When you’re out shopping, consider Everybody Loves Veggies
555 West 12th Avenue (City Square Mall Food Court) 604-873-4417
This is a great little food stall /take-out/food-court eatery with many vegan dishes. It is near Dorset College. They’ve been around for a long time.

___ Another Indian vegetarian choice: Annapurna
1812 W. Fourth Ave.Vancouver, BC 604-736-5959
This cozy place has flavorful food and has the most reasonably priced wine in town; their menu is posted online and is suitably extensive. Annapurna, Vancouver BC

___ Another well-regarded choice is Planet Veg at 1941 Cornwall St., Vancouver, BC 604-734-1001 Planet Veg, Vancouver, BC

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