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When you visit Vancouver BC, especially for the Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in February 2010, you’ll be delighted that there are so many vegetarian restaurants if you have special dietary needs. Whether you need kosher food, halal food, or gluten-free food, your needs can often be attended to by going vegetarian or vegan. For those with food allergy and food-sensitivities, you still have to ask questions, but there will be more available to you.

Here are are few more vegetarian restaurants or businesses which have a decent vegetarian section in their menus.

___ Nuba, Vancouver BC vegetarian primarily veggie, but they do serve meats, too. This is delicious Lebanese food and it is not expensive. They have 2 locations and menus are online:

Nuba Restaurant
B1 207 Hastings St. W
Vancouver BC V6B 1H7

Nuba Cafe
1206 Seymour St.
Vancouver BC V6B 3N9

___ Afghan Horsemen They serve some outstanding vegetarian options along with some meat options, and have great decor.

As an aside, I will never forget my first meals in Afghanistan; the people were so helpful, and when we returned stateside, we loved reliving that hospitality at the Kyber Pass in Berkeley, CA (decades ago — not sure if it is still there — but then the only Afghan choice in the whole SF Bay Area!). It’s great cuisine, and this is the only Afghan restaurant in Western Canada!

#202 – 1833 Anderson St. (2nd floor)
Vancouver, BC
Phone No.: (604) 873-5923
At the entrance to Granville Island, behind Starbucks.

___ If you want Chinese vegetarian, then in addition to Bodhi from Part 6, check out Bo Kong – they’ve been in the business for quite some time, but many people think it’s too westernized and often bland. Yet, some mention that they like the hot and sour soup! There is a HUGE menu. Strangely, they don’t use any onions or garlic at all.

They may still have fluorescent lighting, which is terrible to dine by. See if they have made improvements for the Olympics crowds.

Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant
3068 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T3G5, CA

Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant
8100 Ackroyd Rd, Richmond, BC V6X3K2, CA

___ Spicy Veggie – good variety, has Thai and Malaysian influences. Check out their fried avocados. It’s next to Aberdeen Centre, across from Acura on No. 3 Road. They focus more on the fresh ingredients instead of the gluten based ingredients (like many other Chinese veg restaurants do). The avocado salad and seaweed / seeds fried rice are recommended. The food is not really “extra spicy” at all, so feel comfortable. The lunch specials are great deals as they come with soup, a dish and rice for around 7-8 bucks, and it is actually quite filling. The service here is excellent.

Spicy Vegetarian Cuisine
4200 No. 3 Rd, #132
Richmond, BC V6X2C2
Tel: (604) 304-3538
Neighbourhood: Golden Village

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