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In every city foodies, locals and visitors have differing experiences and opinions, so reviews of anything only go so far. In this case, I have tried to mention vegetarian restaurants which really serve a decent amount of veg food, rather than just giving a few options on their menus. Long time residents know that every restaurant has spot-on times and also “off” nights.

If you are here for the Winter Olympic Games, it’s going to be impossible to know how well any business will fare with all the extra tourists. I’m sure everyone is interested in doing their best, but not all groups of diners have lots of “other” alternatives, which is why I have focused on kosher restaurants, vegetarian and vegan restaurants as well as halal choices.

If you have taken my recommendation to get a residence hotel, with a kitchen, and you are in one of these groups, you will have more options. So, this time, I will mention ways for vegetarians and vegans to get food and even some pre-made food, one source being the market option at a well-known Indian restaurant.

There are several locations for Whole Foods Market in Vancouver, see the link below. And, check out locations of fresh veggie farmers’ markets online in areas that make sense for where you are lodging. But, a hidden gem is Vij’s famous Rangoli (a more budget version of his famous restaurant, Vij’s, and it’s next door).

Rangoli Restaurant, Vancouver has a market from pre-packaged, heat and serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

Vij’s Rangoli sells frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat Indian dishes, freshly roasted and ground Indian spices, as well as a cookbook.

The restaurant menu changes frequently, but it is always includes different meat and vegetarian entrées from the packaged meals Rangoli menu choices

The packaged meals were originally Indian dishes developed at Vij’s Restaurant, and they can be reheated in various ways including “Boil-a-bag” (package submersed in boiling water), Microwave, and Saucepan reheating.

And, you may want to try the fresh markets, if the dates co-incide with your visit:
Vancouver Farmers Winter Market: the following Saturdays – January 30; February 13, 27; March 13, 27; April 10, 24
Time: 10am – 2pm
Location: Wise Hall – 1882 Adanac Street, Vancouver, BC

Throughout the winter, there are 13 occasions to celebrate all that is tasty and beautiful about this great province. There will be up to 50 vendors per day with everything to make a meal and more! Markets continue every other week until April 24 (except January 2) at the WISE Hall (1882 Adanac Street). Everything available: organic and conventional produce, meat, cheese, seafood, preserves, baking and bread.

You can also grab lunch from the on-site Creperie or sausage vendor or warm up with a hot coffee on a cold winter day. There will also be select craft vendors selling high quality craft items for gifts, as they do at Granville Island Market. Don’t forget your reusable bags and parking in the Farmers Winter Market area is limited, so try to walk, bike or take transit if you can.

Vancouver winter farmer’s markets
Vancouver winter farmer’s market Interactive Map.

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Capers Community Organic Market, Vancouver, BC which is also Whole Foods Market, now.
In the spring:
Vancouver local farmer’s markets
Vancouver seasonal farmer’s markets
North Vancouver spring farmer’s markets
Granville Island Market Vendors

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