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Yesterday, I started reviewing the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver, BC as many people will need this information when they come from all over the world to attend the Winter Olympic Games there next month. The Naam will help – whether their clientel are vegetarians, vegans or people dealing with major food allergies.

Here’s a link to Vancouver vegetarian restaurants Part 1.

Today, I will mention the oldest vegetarian restaurant, and people either really like it or not. It’s been in business for more than 20 years. The service is often too laid back; your experience really depends on which server you get and if the cafe is overly-swamped, but the food compensates for all other sins!

They don’t serve “health food”; they do serve vegetarian and vegan “comfort food”.

The Naam
Vancouver’s oldest vegetarian eatery serves hearty fare to college students, late-night parties and old hippies around the clock; lineups during peak hours indicate that it’s a good thing and it’s open 24/7!

It is handicapped accessible. The ambiance of mismatched chairs and local art is matched by a relaxed approach to service, as I said. Weekend evenings you might wait in line for an hour, and then wait another 45 minutes for your food, as singer-songwriters and other musicians entertain. Accept it as part of the experience or go off-peak times.

Take-away is available, too. They do take credit cards. And, it does serve beer and wine, unlike some vegan and vegetarian restaurants. In the past it has accepted reservations, but during the Olympics, check their policy.

It has wholesome, tasty food. There is a lengthy menu (more vegan-friendly lately). It serves Daiya cheese which is a cassava-root-based product, free of all the major allergens, which melts (unlike other vegan cheeses). The Naam also features crisp salads overflowing with fresh vegetables (if you don’t enjoy sprouts, intervene when you order) and try the addictive namesake dressing.

It has saucy dragon bowls and a variety of entrées. The Naam “Steak Platter” offers a succulent nut-based patty in creamy miso gravy all served with its signature sesame potato wedges (“fries”). quesadillas ($7.95) and the dragon bowls ($9.50 to $10.50) are perennial favorites, and vegan entrées, macrobiotic dishes and desserts are also popular. I’ll list a few favorites below.

Usually, you’ll take home leftovers, and their weekday mornings boast one of the cheapest organic brunches in town and the best alternative to McDonald’s: fluffy pancakes, scrambled eggs (or tofu), and outstanding veggie sausages all for $5.50. On the week-end, brunches are until 1pm; they are packed. They serve Sam Strips instead of bacon.

Favorites: Breakfast
Miso Benny
Spinach & Feta Omelette Platter Deluxe with Homefries, Veggie Sausage and Naam Toast joined by a side order of Miso Gravy.
NOTE: Tofu Scramble may tend to be under-seasoned — tofu starts out needing LOTS of spices, so ask, then describe your preference!

Favorites: Lunch
Tempeh Reuben Burger Platter
Chili Burrito Platter
Cashew & Avocado Enchiladas Platter
(All platters come with Sesame Fries, Miso Gravy and Salad with Poppy Seed dressing.)
Maui Maui Burger
Dragon Bowls
Tuscan Nachos
Pita Pizzas
Thai Noodles
Thai Salad

Favorites: Dinner
any of the above, plus
Naam Steak Platter
Naam Burger Platter with a tasty vegan patty
(All platters come with Sesame Fries, Miso Gravy and Salad with Poppy Seed dressing.)
Oaxacan Quesadilla

Favorites: Dessert
Soy-blueberry Shake
Vegetarian Ice Cream
Hemp Chocolate Carrot Cake
Noh Pie

Favorites: Beverages
Beer and Wine
Orange-Strawberry Juice

The Naam:
2724 W. Fourth Ave., (near Stephens Street)
Vancouver, BC (Kitsalano section)
604-738-7151. (Near at least 2 bus line routes.)
The Naam, Vancouver vegetarian Cafe

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