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In every city you visit, there are always freebies, and it’s great to be able to attend an event for free. Usually, you’ll get to meet some local people this way too, as a side benefit.

Amazingly, while Vancouver BC is hosting the 2010 Olympic Games this winter, a couple of companies are offering a valuable freebie experience for the whole time, beginning February 12, 2010.

According to an article in The Province, to combat all the stress surrounding the Olympiad, and to introduce you to a health-enhancing “practice” (that you can take home with you), 1,200 Free Yoga Classes during Olympics will be offered by Yogawear retailer Lululemon and yoga class operator YYoga.

The free yoga classes are available to visitors and residents during the 2010 Olympics.

These classes will take place between Feb. 12 and Feb. 28 at six Metro Vancouver and Whistler, BC YYoga locations. Potentially they could be accommodating more than 72,000 participants.

Usually, a typical drop-in fee at YYoga ranges from $17 to $20, so this is a big financial loss and generous social-action commitment by the companies, in the hope that you will take home a skill, to wherever you live, and translate that into days and years of more personal peace and health — which hopefully evolves into a more peaceful planet.

“It’s a cool way to show everyone what sets Vancouver apart from other cities,” said Lululemon representative Jennifer Neziol, and truthfully, I have not heard of such a program in previous Olympics. It is thoughtful and brilliant.

Lululemon normally provides free yoga classes at its stores, but now, with the partnership with the local YYoga studios, this allows expansion on a much larger scale during the Olympics. The company invites anyone to join the free classes — including first-timers, avid yogis as well as elite athletes.

Just call the studio nearest your hotel or Olympic venue and ask questions for timing and any needed equipment. Dress in light, flexible or loose clothes.

Yoga is a gift, and people of any age can gain better health – physically and mentally – from its practice. In fact, half the world (blood type A) need such a quiet discipline, to help them come “down” from the usually revved-up state they live in. Yes, blood type A’s have “Type A” personalities — named from 2 different disciplines. Interesting, eh?

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