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Here are a few of what are considered to be the best Cultural Olympiad Events in Vancouver BC. Tickets are available and are undoubtedly going fast, as locals are interested in reaping the rewards of seeing many groups which they might often not have access to — and all as a way to relax and enjoy the results of years of labor to showcase Vancouver BC to the world for the Winter Olympic Games 2010.

___ “KAMP” is timely as more Holocaust revisionist seek to be heard, and in the midst of celebration should be determination for the world to care about one another. While we may come together for sport and culture, the world has obviously not yet learned the lessons of intervening to stop Genocide — Armenians by Turks WW1; Jews, Righteous Gentiles, Gypsies, Handicapped and Gays by the Nazi Germans in WW2; Bosnia by the Serbs – 1990s; Rwanda and Darfur – tribal wars.

So, Hotel Modern (in association with the Push Festival) creates an enormous scale model of Auschwitz, and then fills the stage with thousands of handmade puppets — to represent prisoners and guards. Actors move about the set with cameras, creating live video projections, in order to provoke a personal dialogue.
Roundhouse Community Centre, February 3 to 6.

___ María Pagés One of the world’s leading flamenco dancers will present her masterpiece, “Flamenco Republic”. The dance starts
with the most primitive of rhythms, a human heartbeat, and then expands into a passionate and personal evening. All is brought beautifully to life by traditional music.
The Orpheum, February 16.

___ “The Blue Dragon” is a much anticipated Vancouver debut. Robert Lepage is a theatrical visionary and this show christens the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, which is a new stage in the Woodward’s redevelopment. This piece is a highly visual sequel to Lepage’s acclaimed “Dragons’ Trilogy”. The Blue Dragon is the story of an exile running a gallery in Shanghai and is performed by Lepage, Marie Michaud, and dancer Tai Wei Foo. With Vancouver’s large Chinese population and huge emigré Hong Kong community, tickets should be popular.
SFU Woodward’s, February 2 to 28.

___ “Dance Marathon” is based on the American dance marathon events of the 1930s. This is a participatory event. Audience members mix in on the dance floor with pros, while judges weave between. Participation is not required.
Roundhouse Community Centre, February 9 to 13.

___ “Dance, Canada, Dance” has the country’s two most esteemed troupes, the National Ballet and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, deliver Mari Chouinard’s “24 Preludes by Chopin”. The dancers move to live piano performances of Chopin’s work, as well as performing Itzik Galili’s hyperkinetic, drum-driven “Hikarizatto”.
Queen Elizabeth Theatre, February 13 and 14.

___ “Spirit of Uganda” is a way for you to experience the joyful rapture of East Africa. This touring dance troupe (composed of youths orphaned by AIDS or civil war) has won vast critical acclaim. Their dramatic choreography is accompanied by robust drumbeats. Orpheum Theatre, February 15.

___ “Delusion” stands out in a season distinguished by several major firsts. The globally acclaimed performance artist Laurie Anderson delivers the world premiere of her latest work, which is a series of short mystery plays inspired by: Balzac, Ozu, and Laurence Sterne.
Playhouse Theatre, February 16 to 21.

I’ll add more choices tomorrow. Enjoy these performances in Vancouver!

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