London’s Naval Legacy

When coming to London, England, step into another time. For, when we visit another city or country, part of what we try to learn is historical information about the citizens who helped to shape that nation.

For Great Britain, naval explorer Captain James Cook was such a man, and his name will always be remembered in the UK, and around the world, for his accomplishments are varied and many. You will learn why we all owe him a debt, and share honoring his memory.

Yes, he’s THAT important! The people of the United States honored Cook, by ceding land in Hawaii, at Kaawaloa, Kealakekua Bay, (where Cook’s memorial stands), to the people of Great Britain. Nothing like that has ever been done in America before!

So, when you are visiting London, learn all you can about one of her bravest and most hard-working native sons, James Cook. My longer articles will help you understand why he’s so special.

And if you visit Melbourne, Australia, you will find his little English cottage. It was transported there, long ago, to sit in the beautiful Botanical Gardens, beside the River Yarra. That’s a fitting tribute for the man who, among many accomplishments, brought Australia into the British Commonwealth, and to the world’s attention in the late 1700’s.

You can start by learning about Cook at the Naval Museums along the Thames and especially at National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. And read my longer articles here.
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