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My focus shifts back to Vancouver, BC where the Winter Olympic Games 2010 will begin the second week in February.

It is important to get into the community and not just look at the Official websites, brochures and billboards. So, as part of what I am guiding you to, I will keep an eye on the alternative scene.

Here is notice of an alternative, unofficial artistic Voice for the Games.

Jennifer Pickering says React2010 will not be a “protest site”.

According to Jennifer, the goal of the new website is to provide a space for artists to display works relating to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver — whether or not that Art makes a positive or a negative statement about the Games.

She is the director of Kelowna’s Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, which is the artist-run gallery developing the React2010 site (which will officially launch with the opening of the Games on February 12).

The Alternator Gallery is engaging artists and the global community in a creative cultural conversation about the values surrounding the Olympics. Join in.

Thirty artists, hailing from Vancouver all the way to St. John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador, have already signed on to show their work, and the center is inviting artists from around the world to participate.

On Monday, January 4 the Reaction2010 site will host a webinarto introduce the project and five featured artists, including N’laka’pamux multidisciplinary artist Chris Bose of Kamloops.

Then, on January 18, the site will go live, exhibiting the art of the featured artists and importantly, allowing others to post their videos, audio, still images and text ahead of the launch.

Jennifer noted that the Art commissioned by the Vancouver Olympic organizing committee tended to be “celebratory”— and that those artists critical or more deeply-engaged in Games’ perception, were left by the wayside.

So use the Reaction2010 site to share your view of the Vancouver Olympics, and the Olympic Movement’s value and ability to inspire and include. Your input and Art are valuable and appreciated. Utilizing the medium of your choice, you are invited to react to the values you see expressed in the Olympic Games. And, will provide the platform to display your art to the world.

Vancouver artists Judy Cheung, Brian Gotro, James Masz, Chris Mazur, Bracken H’anuse Corlett, Jeff Thomas and Jeremy Turner are some the artists who will show their work on the site.

Especially in view of this year’s cuts to Arts funding in B.C., Jennifer said she hopes “the site will also promote the role that artists play in society”.

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