London’s Parks – Part 2

Many of the plants in your garden are there because British botanical scientists brought them from the wilds of the ends-of-the-earth, hundreds of years ago, and then they cultivated them and hybridized them at Kew Gardens.

In many cases, the Royal Botanical Garden, in London, is the most significant botanical “ark” on the planet, and the work it does today is critical. In fact, the fine gardens at Kew have been declared a World Heritage Site.

Apart from the beauty all around, use your visit to learn so much from the gardeners and scientists at hand, in its well laid out grounds. And, be sure to bring your camera (it’s a photographic paradise)!

It’s important to understand when visiting Kew, that your admission fees will help to maintain the tens of thousands of plants for which these gardens are their only ecological life-line. Seed banks and all kinds of first-lines of defense (against ecological disaster and extinction) do begin here.

Your tourist money couldn’t be spent in a better place or for a better reason. Try to add Kew to your London itinerary; it’s a one-of-a kind sight. Read more in my article on these fabulous Royal Botanical Gardens.

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