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In our series, I need to explain that the restaurants here meet the requirements for real Kosher, by following all the Biblical dietary laws, and have been regularly certified by Rabbinical authorities that they do. These are not just “kosher-style”!

There is a GREAT deal of compassion for animals, extra care, effort, time and money that goes into real Kosher food. For example, they have to pay for the Rabbi to come out many times per year to confirm the procedures and staff understand and are doing everything properly. He has to train the staff, if necessary, for example: the chefs have to check every egg before use to see it does not contain a “blood spot”, which shows the egg is fertilized. If there is one, they must discard the egg (as respect for the life it contains), meaning there is potential for up to 30% loss monetarily and time, too, just to prepare an omelet.

The suppliers also have to have Rabbis to check the kosher food up the chain — for example, the glatt kosher inspectors don’t just look at a compassionately, ritually-slaughtered piece of meat, but also check the lungs of the animal the meat has come from; if it’s not a hundred percent healthy, the whole carcass is never sold as Kosher.

Somehow this group of Kosher restauranteurs have to remain “competitive”. They can only do this if their restaurants are filled with customers, as their overhead costs are much higher.

So, for Orthodox Jews and Muslims and for people concerned about the highest degrees of ethical food production and cleanliness, then support the people who aim for this high goal, every day.

  • Aviv: is a kosher restaurant located at: 87-89 High Street, Edgware, London, HA8 7DB
    Telephone: 020 8952 2484
    Website under construction — Aviv Kosher Restaurant, London
    Most Kosher restaurants in London seem like glorified cafes. Aviv is one of just a few which is like a “real” restaurant, with nice atmosphere, very good food and yet prices are “average” for London. The restaurant gets mixed reviews, like any other – some people with some gripes, others with accolades, but the proof is patronage.

    Aviv (which means Springtime, in Hebrew) has been expanding by taking over other nearby restaurants to enlarge its own space. The expansion means more space for more dinner tables and a private room for parties, but it’s still packed to the gills with diners most evenings. The reason? The food is not amazing, but certainly decent. The draw is that there is a great selection of dishes and all at competitive prices.

    This is a “fleischig” eatery, meaning only meats, fish, vegetables and fruit — no dairy in anything, including desserts. But, nowadays, with so many non-dairy options, nothing much is missing from the menu.

    Even the set menus offer as many as 8 choices for each course. Traditional Ashkenazi soups or chopped liver are fine, but it’s best to go for the Israeli starters: kooba has a crisp shell and meat filling, or try hummous with lamb and pine nuts (which is almost a meal in itself). Grills are competent, but are occasionally overcooked. The kebabs and rib steaks are flavorful, but the chicken dishes may not be what you usually expect. The kitchen does a great job with vegetables. For dessert there are decent choices but not necessarily anything Jewish. Ice-cream is the parve equivalent (i.e. “neutral”, non-dairy version). Service is swift and pleasant, with waiters bringing large plates that, unlike in classier places, are filled to a decent capacity.

  • Adafina: A dafina is a Sefardi Jewish casserole from the Mediterranean countries. “Dafina” is a cooking term meaning “casserole” type cookery. In 2008, The Times of London selected Adafina as one of the top 10 Delis in London, the first time that a real kosher deli had made the list! Ironic isn’t it!

    And, ask about their delivery service to nearby hotels, in their environmentally-correct electric delivery van. They also have frozen kosher foods which you might heat up if your hotel room has a microwave.

    Adafina also has Kosher L’ Pesach meals available at Passover.

    Address: 67 Abbey Road, London, England NW8 0AE
    phone: +44 (44) 2076-242013
    Cuisines: Deli / Sandwich / Cafe / Tearoom, Grocery / Supermarket, Take-out / Fast food
    Price Range: $$
    Category: Meat, Dairy, Pareve
    Hashgacha/Supervision: Sephardi Kashrut Authority
    Last Updated By: Tzofia-Leah
    Last Updated On: 05/08/2009
    Web Page: Adafina – kosher market and restaurant, London

  • For picnics and to take food back to your hotel room:
    There are kosher counters in some selected supermarket locations in the chains: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Safeway and Marks & Spencer. Ask each company for more details, but most will carry DD’s Kosher Sandwiches, at least. Find out when deliveries are made for best selection.
  • DD’s Kosher Sandwiches are famous and useful. They are certified kosher by: Kedassia, The Joint Kashrus Committee of England. Some railway stations, airports, airlines, universities and schools also carry DDs kosher sandwiches. DD’s kosher sandwiches, London
    DD’s Sandwiches, HERMOLIS HOUSE
    Abbeydale Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 1AY
    Tel: 020 8810 4321
    Fax: 020 8810 4331
  • Hermolis and Company, Ltd. is also a large Kosher caterer, and you can arrange with them to have kosher food sent to your hotel (some hotels already use them when they have requests for Kosher food), or maybe even to a rented apartment. phone: +44 (40) 2088-104321 fax: +44 (40) 2088-104331 Hermolis Kosher Foods – London
    Additional Kosher Info: Glatt Kosher (highest level)
    Hashgacha / Rabbinical Supervision: Kedassia, The Joint Kashrus Committee of England
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