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“Let’s meet for latkes in London after watching the Hanukkiah menorah being lit in Trafalgar Square!” That’s what a lot of people will be saying in the city while Jews and knowledgeable gentiles are celebrating the Miracle of Hanukkah in London during this next week.

The Miracle belongs to all Abrahamic faiths. If Christianity or Islam had existed 2,500 years ago, when these battles for religious freedom were fought by the Jews, these newer faiths would have been in just as a great a peril for their continued existence. By fighting the biggest army and empire on the planet at the time, and winning (!), the Jews fought the first wars for religious liberty and introduced the idea of tolerance into the social mix.

As Orthodox Jews have the strictest dietary needs because they try to follow the 613 Biblical Laws everyday, finding certified kosher restaurants, while traveling, is imperative or they are doomed to very meager portable fare or a diet of just fresh fruit, veggies and fish (if they will “accept” the status of the kitchen used to cook it).

So, here are some more possibilities.

  • Bevis Marks Restaurant – London has fast become the center for high quality kosher dining, attracting both local and foreign clientele. This restaurant is located in the historic Bevis Marks Synagogue.

    Bevis Marks The Restaurant is the only kosher restaurant within the boundary of the ancient City of London, and it offers a stylish, modern kosher restaurant for the financial center nearby. It is a top-notch experience, unrivaled in the city. Their cuisine is both innovative and traditional.

    Most of their dining occurs at lunch, and it closes earlier than most restaurants at dinner. It is definitely expensive, but you may find that the portions are generous enough that all that evens out. Kosher food is of such exceptional quality that expense is built-in.

    London’s Bevis Marks Restaurant Menu.
    Also see London – Bevis Marks take-away menu. Address: Heneage Lane 4, EC3A 5DQ London Phone: +44-207 283 2220 Fax: +44-207 283 2221
    Website: London Kosher Restaurant
    Restaurant type: Meat, no dairy is served.
    Hechsher certification from: Sephardi Kashrut Authority

  • Novellino – This is the best Italian restaurant in London, period, even though they don’t do pizza. The menu has a range of pasta and also has “parve” (kosher – neutral) fish dishes. All are good quality and have generous portions. They try to use seasonal vegetables although the menu does not change as frequently as when it first opened.

    The bread and dips (balsamic vinegar, tapenade etc) are very good, and there are a number of non-cheese options. The salads have nutritious ingredients and tasty combinations. There are rotating soup and quiche options daily. Although many of the fish dishes have an Asian bent, there is still a New Yorker’s or Brit’s favorites.

    In dining with your children, the kid’s menu is limited, so include them in more side dishes, sharing salads etc., as a way to tackle this or ask them to do a child-size portion of something and see if they will accommodate you. The desserts are also worth leaving room for!

    Even though the restaurant is usually very crowded, they are welcoming to children and have Swedish tripp trapp type highchairs which allow children of widely varying age and size to sit directly at the table. It’s advisable to get reservations as it’s very popular. This restaurant also serves breakfast. And, with 24 hours notice, they will also provide take-away food. The price range is expensive if there is a big meal.

    Address: Golders Green Road 103, NW11 London, (GOLDERS GREEN) Phone: +44-(0)20 8458 7273
    Website: London kosher restaurant – Novellino
    Restaurant type: Dairy, Vegetarian
    Hechsher from: The United Synagogue -KLBD
    Kashrut level: regular
    Description: Novellino is dairy and fish restaurant, situated in North West London.

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