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At Hanukkah, a time when Jews fought for the Religious Liberty of all people, not just themselves, 2,500 years ago, it is a poignant time to remember some British Jewish history and to reach out to one another.

Jews have been in Britain for more than 1,000 years, and at times the history of their lack of security there has been rife with prejudice from other Britons. From the zenith of having brilliant and dedicated Benjamin Disraeli become the first Jewish Prime Minister in Britain in the 1800’s, we also must recall overt genocide perpetrated in York in the 1100s.

But, today, London is trying to show that tolerance and multiculturalism is what Britain is all about. It is especially necessary to root out discrimination as London is to host the world at the Olympic Games in 2012. They are trying hard to erase prejudice by education about other groups beyond Anglican and Catholic white, Anglo-Saxon Britons.

It is always been difficult for Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Muslims to travel, as they have very precise dietary needs and religious needs. So, as the Games come closer, it will be important to know the resources available. But, as it is Hanukkah now, many people will want to be able to celebrate beyond their homes, in a new feeling of openness and safety. So, here are some places where you can eat Jewish kosher food and meet people to learn more about Jewish life and ways.

The provenance, humane treatment of animals, quality and care of Jewish kosher foods is uppermost, so this food will never be inexpensive. All of these restaurants have been and continue to be inspected by the Rabbinical authorities for their purity of sources and adherence to strict dietary codes and preparation.

Food served in Kosher restaurants will be “Halal”, acceptable, for the same reasons, for Orthodox Muslims. Ironic. So much needs to shown that our similarities far outweigh any differences for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

As Jews are the first global people, Jewish cuisine has been international for millennia. These are only meat restaurants as Kosher biblical rules do not allow the mixing of dairy and meat, from the law in Leviticus about ‘not seething a kid in its mother’s milk’. It is a sign of the Jew’s performing daily acts of Compassion, for nearly 6,000 years, in a world which barely knew the meaning of the word. There are many other ethical and health rules behind “Kosher”. All of them which I know now have a valid scientific confirmation of the ancient wisdom of the Rabbis.

  • Kavanna (which means “devotion”) Kosher Indian cuisine – Address: Vivian Avenue 60, NW4 3XH London, (HENDON) Phone: +44-0-20 8202 9449 Website: Kavanna – London Kosher Restaurant Restaurant type: Meat, no dairy foods
    Approved by: London Beth Din (LBD) Kashrut level: Glatt kosher (highest Kosher standard)
  • Dizengoff – a Sefardi Kosher meat restaurant. Address: Golders Green Road 118, London, (GOLDERS GREEN) Phone: +44 (0)20 8458 7003/8458 Website: Dizengoff kosher restaurant Golders Green, London Restaurant type: Meat, no dairy foods Hechsher certification from: Sephardi Kashrut Authority Kashrut level: regular.
  • Metsuyan – Asian Kosher Food. Address: Golders Green Road 134, NW11 8HB London, (GOLDERS GREEN) Phone: 44-(0)208-458-8088 Fax: +44-(0)208-458-7200 Mail:
    Website: Metsuyan – Asian Kosher Food, London Restaurant type: Meat, no dairy foods. Hechsher from: Federation of synagogues Beth Din Kashrut level: Glatt kosher (highest level)
    Number of seats: 60
    Description: Met Su Yan kosher restaurant is in London Golders Green and offers Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Chinese kosher foods.
  • The White House – Kosher Restaurant, London. Address:
    Bell Lane 10-12, NW4 2AD London, (HENDON) Phone: 44(0)20-8203-2427 Mail:
    Website: The White House, kosher restaurant, London Restaurant type: Meat, no dairy foods. Hechsher from: KLBD – Kashruth London Beth Din Kashrut level: Unknown
    Description: Traditional Jewish /Israeli / Mizrahi food – you can eat in or you can take-a-way. Confirm that they will still deliver food within a 15 mile radius.
  • I’ll mention a few more options tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Latkes and Pot Roast, two famous Hanukkah foods, here. By the way, for Americans, “corned beef” is known as “salt beef” in Britain. Unsalted, it is just called “brisket” and is often used for Hanukkah pot roast.

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