Travel Gifts 3

In this 3rd part of my series on travel gifts, I am introducing you to some items which can be used for multiple types of travel. Not everyone travels by air, so I wanted to include items which will work for train, bus and auto travelers, too.

___ As you know, I really like to support artists, so if you like one-of-a kind, distinctive luggage, you might consider the hard-shell, decorated vintage luggage which can stand-up to the rigors of baggage-handling. Check out: Final Approach,

___ This next item may or may not adapt beyond air travel. It was originally designed to hang from the closed tray on an airliner. The great thing about this is the stabilization factor, which would also be great to hold liquids on any transportation mode if you can find a safe way to attach it. Check out the Cup Pilot It’s worth having even just for air travel. Who can really trust just that little indentation in the tray, when turbulence can get hot liquids all over you in an instant?

___ I am an avid photographer and I am always looking for items to protect and organize my gear. This looks good and note that it comes in a snazzy red and black version if you do not want the ubiquitous all black pack. Learn more about the Lowepro Backpack Flipside 300 Camera Bag

___ My long time favorite product on this list is the superior travel pillow series filled with cleaned buckwheat hulls from Bucky. There are many cheap imitations, but the quality of this original version is worth the price. And, these pillows are so much better than the airline’s travel pillows! They work wonderfully to squish into a spot for you to take for other modes where no pillows are provided. Bucky Headrests

If I find any more interesting items before the gift-giving happens, I’ll write again, but by acting now, you’ll probably get these in time!

Enjoy your holiday season!

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