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Holiday shopping has started and holiday travel is not far behind! Whether you’re off for a local or foreign travel experience, there’s also something on our list at TraveVacationReview’s Travel Gifts 1 which will amplify the quality of your experience or make it easier to enjoy.

I think it’s worthwhile to consider a travel gift from this list, too:

1) Taylor instruments are renowned for their quality. I have been using them at home for decades. I am recommending the portable Taylor travel scale. With all the fees which airlines are charging for “extra” bags and “overweight”, this reasonably priced scale will pay for itself in no time and give you immediate peace of mind.

2) Everyone is worried about the quality of the air they breathe on aircraft. Too much of the air has begun to be recycled in the planes designed in recent decades or in the practices of the crew following corporate rules. This leads to higher risk of contracting illness on a flight. I have never understood their rationale.

Even when airflow was better, if you happen to sit in close proximity to someone who is ill, there always is a high chance of infection.

But, getting good rest before you leave, taking natural antibacterials and antivirals as well as immune enhancers, using nasal irrigation to flush out anything you’re harboring will all help before and after your flight. However, what can you use during the flight which will curb your risk of having your vacation or business trip marred by illness contracted on board?

I suggest using the PlaneCleanAir Filter if your aircraft is one where the unit can be temporarily installed. It will fit most Boeing and Airbus crafts. Installation is well explained at this site.

For those interested in the nasal rinse protocol: NeilMed and an alternate, isotonic solution which will not dry-out tissue Nasal-Xylitol solution.

3) World renowned comedienne Whoopie Goldberg has a severe Fear of Flying. About 6 months ago, Whoopie had to be in London. She was terrified to go, but her trip went off well, and she was much more relaxed when she spoke about it on her American TV show, “The View” when she returned.

Many people have the same fear and so Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airways, has set about helping. Whoopie used the following product by Branson.

I suggest that you check out the Fear of Flying phone app.

In Part 3, I will include some items which can also be used by train and road travelers.

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