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Time to think about gift giving for your favorite traveler or for yourself in time for holiday travel? Well, here are some suggestions for now and all year round.

In today’s tough economy, we all want value for our purchases, and we want a way to be able to function at top level. Research your trip here at TravelVacationReview and think about gear and services from the list below.

1) an always accessible, organized, searchable, online place to store trip research, itinerary info and so much more in your everyday life. There’s a free and paid version. Access it from anywhere in the world. You can use it for photo and text. Evernote

2) an affordable, foldable, 6 gear bike to travel with or use on campus or local commutes when you are not on holiday – other models for people over 6 feet tall. This model works for people 4′ 8” high to 6′ and to 220 lbs. It weighs a reasonable 29 lbs and is suitcase size. This will let you have a bike of trusted level of care instead of unknown safety of rental bikes. Reduce your carbon-footprint. Go Green! Citizen’s foldable bikes

3) A stable, unique solution for tripods and this company also offers other unusual gear. Check out Gorillapod

4) Use the services at the following sites to help you determine the status / comfort / efficacy of various seats on board different types of planes and then to get the best seats on the plane. You realize the value of this if you have ever been caught in one of the bulkhead seats which don’t recline or which have weird trays, less-than-usual foot space or draftiness or excessive noise. If you have a long oceanic flight, this information is even more critical. See Expert Flyer
and also SeatGuru

Periodically, I will mention other outstanding choices. When space and weight limits have to be carefully considered, only the best gear makes the cut. Saving money while traveling is also part of today’s experience for most people. If you have other suggestions, please share.

Enjoy your holiday jaunts, and travel safely.

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