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Although Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, America’s global entry into the coffee-house culture, the tao of tea is fast becoming Seattlelites’ new choice. Tea has a much longer tradition than coffee, and as each new study shows its health benefits far outweigh the few found for coffee, health-conscious Seattle is again forging a new pattern for others to emulate in western culture.

And, although the Remedy experience has some of the structure of a British afternoon tea experience or a high tea type menu, in Seattle, tea is definitely more inclusive and complex than ordinary British teas have been.

Remedy Teas has been nominated as Seattle’s best tearoom, time and again. It’s modern tearoom is so well appointed that it belongs in a designer magazine spread — large glass windows, blonde woods, tea-green walls, white accents and a designer’s modern eye for the tea paraphrenalia.

But, it’s not all sophisticated glitz. They really know the 150 different types of organic tea which they stock! The owner and staff love to help you make a great choice. Tea is meticulously stored to keep its best flavor and this is a vegetarian restaurant which will delight you.

People rave about their favorite organic teas, divine scones and especially the cucumber tea sandwiches, as well as the amazing, locally-made chocolate truffles. All the food is Seattle sourced, to help balance the carbon footprint of importing the teas.

The tearoom has a sort of Zen ambiance with gentle Jazz-Fusion music playing, and the staff has just the right level of friendliness and attentiveness. As these are premier teas, you will be able to have the hot water replenished in the pot several times and still enjoy the flavor. Your tea will be kept at just the right temperature as the pot is on a stand which has a warming candle. This enables you to sit and drink through several rounds, so what seems like an expensive pot of tea is not, if you use this multiple-infusion option and let the timelessness factor of drinking tea seep into your consciousness.

But, as the room gets busier, please be thoughtful as to allowing others to get or share your table. The tearoom is handicap accessible and has free Wi-Fi. It also has tea books for you to enjoy reading there.

Additionally, you can purchase teas in 1 oz. packets, which is wonderful. Multiple steeps at home make these excellent value, and an ounce of tea will actually last a long time. Of course, you can make larger quantity purchases too, along with tea equipment. Ask the staff to help you understand the tea-brewing times and temperatures for the teas you purchase.

And, everyday, Remedy Teas offers a Kid’s Tea (not just on the week-ends as C.T.A.T.@T.S.R.B. does). The Remedy Teas’ children’s tea and menu sound delightful. It’s served with pots and cups just the right size and has all kinds of fun, healthy, familiar celebratory foods which kids will enjoy.

As an aside, I will mention that if you are unfamiliar with teas, the only tea which I will steer you clear of is the ‘Pine Smoked,’ or Lapsang Souchong — which has traditionally been a tea from Tibetan culture. I think it is fine to use in recipes, where it adds outstanding flavor, but to drink alone, I find it unpalatable and overwhelming. But, each to their own taste; you may be adventurous and find you will enjoy it.

Remedy Teas may be a bit hard to find as it is on the lower level of this modern building, with an outdoor patio. More visible landmarks are a Subway sandwich shop and the Teapot Vegetarian restaurant.

Hours 7am – 11pm
345 15th Ave, E (between Thomas St. & Harrison St.)
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 323-4832

I think you will find Remedy Teas to be a welcome oasis and worth the trip!

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