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Fall has come to the Pacific Northwest and after some pretty strong storms have rolled in, we really are starting to head into winter. But, all is not doom and gloom. It doesn’t rain here all the time by any means, and the natural vistas are so beautiful, in any season.

Whether you are out on one of the amazing, clear, sunny, crisp days or whether you just want to get in and get warm, then a modern teahouse is a perfect choice. Seattle has a growing number of great places, and ones with better ambiance than the traditional Asian shops.

Everyone has their favorite but the local rankings are:

  • 1. Remedy Teas — the far and away choice
  • 2. Floating Leaves
  • 3. Teacup
  • All teahouses have their own ways of presentation and stocks. All strive for excellence and, as tea is far healthier than coffee, it is worth trying to develop a taste for tea, if you have not already done so. With such an array of choices, there’s definitely some for you!

    The owners of these teahouses are well-regarded experts, and they try to train their staffs to help guide you though the myriad of choices. These shops stock up to 150 different teas, from all over the world, and then excellent teas are also “flavored”, another skill all by itself.

    I will be writing about these three teahouses, but if you are in central Seattle or in Ballard, then these shops will become a warm refuge. They are handicap accessible and Remedy and Teacup offer free Wi-Fi.

    Generally, these are places where you can spend some quiet time, which is important when you are touring a city. You just can’t keep going full-speed all the time; it won’t be a real vacation if you do.

    The art of Tea teaches you to slow down, and if it would be the only thing you take home, this would be a valuable gift, beyond compare.

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